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Kitten Food for Adult Cat

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Is feeding kitten food to an adult cat safe and okay for long-term? Tofu has an eating issue and it's ongoing for as long as I remember - he just won't eat consistently. One day, depending on his mood, he may eat all 3 meals. The next, maybe only 1. Eating seems like such torture to him and I'm at my wit's end. His weight fluctuates because of this. No matter how lanky and lean he is, he really can put on a bit more weight and keep it stable.

He has been checked out at the vet's - there is nothing wrong with him. The worst thing is, if I set out his food in a dish for him and he refuses to touch it, when I offer to him with a spoon, he WILL eat. I can't keep spoon feeding him and it's also gotten to the point where he's getting bored of the spoon as well.

I have tried dry, canned, cooked, and raw. He reacts the same to all. If it's "new" to him, he will eat it. Then, maybe 2 meals later, he'll decide he's bored of it and stop eating again.

I'm wondering if I can give him kitten dry since it's higher in protein and fat and might help him gain weight/maintain weight better. This is driving me insane. How do you deal with such finicky cats?!

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I wouldnt see the issue with it. Most grainfrees are high protein high fat anyway. Good luck and I hope things improve. They can be so frustrating but so rewarding!!!

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For the most part usually not an issue
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I feed kitten food to my 2 year old unneutered male because he's not interested in eating and I don't want him to lose any weight and he is a bit too small. I don't see a problem with it as long as the food is high quality and the cat doesn't develop any weight problems.
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My adult cats were pretty good at sneaking in and finishing what the kittens left last year, which was kitten food mixed with KMR to get them healthy after recieving them all half starved. Only one of the adults put on too much weight, and he lost it soon after the kittens went on cat food.
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Since we got our kitten, Gizmo, at approx. 7 mos. old and he was on Iams kitten food we wanted to change his food regardless. We switched to TOTW, thanks to this board and have been happy ever since.
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