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New with Six Cats!

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Hi, eveyone! I was originally an active member at another board (which shall remain nameless) but got banned because I had diffrent views. Because of that, I thought I'd take some time off of message boards for a while, but then Sicycat gave me a link to this board, and I just had to check it out. But wait... I'm getting ahead of myself here- let me introduce myself first. I'm 15 years old and a junior in high school. Currently, I have six cats: Cooper, Tasca, Ruby, Mandi, Sadie, and Willie. They're the light of my life and I'd never give them up. Their ages range from nearly 11 months to 7 years, and they're all cross-bread. I also have two Jack Russell Terriers- Baily and Sunny. Someone once said you had to have a sense of humor to own JRTs. I agree!

Tok 2 U Ppl L8-R,

(Did my signiture show up?)
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Oops... Let me try again. Okay, that should do it!
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Hi Rachel I think you'll like it here
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Thanx, Sicycat. I think I will, too. (And actually, it's Rachael. You forgot the "A". )
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oops sorry!
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The following are pictures and descriptions of my six cats in descending order of age:

(Pronounced TOSS-kuh)
Meaning: From Tuscany, Italy
Original Name at Shelter: Dee Dee
Gender: Female
Age: 7 Years
Weight: 9.5 lbs.
Coat: Black; Medium-hair
Eye Color: Green
Mate: Cooper

Although she's only middle-aged, she acts like she's an old woman. To strangers, she's shy and withdrawn, but to those who know her better, she's a real sweetie. Her favorite thing to do is be pampered while drooling all over the place.

Meaning: Barrelmaker
Original Name at Shelter: Tyson
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Years
Weight: 11 lbs.
Coat: Gray and Brown Patched Tabby; Medium-hair
Eye Color: Yellow-green
Mate: Tasca

Cooper has been described by my mother as "the all-around best cat". Out of all our pets, he's the most typical, yet not in the least boring. He makes friends with everyone he meets!

Meaning: From the Gem
Original Name at Shelter: Birch
Gender: Female
Age: around 5 years (was a stray)
Weight: 10 lbs.
Coat: White; Longhair
Eye Color: Left- Blue; Right- Green
Mate: None

Because of her background, she has a tough exterioir, but when she's in the mood, she gets extremely friendly. She has the cutest little curly-haired belly. I'm halfway done in giving her a Summer haircut, so right now she looks funky. Here's a picture of when she was better-looking.

Meaning: Worthy of Love
Original Name at Shelter: Snickity
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years
Weight: 10 lbs.
Coat: Black; Medium-hair
Eye Color: Yellow
Mate: None

Mandi was going through an emotionally hard time when her sister, Maizi, disappeared last August. However, she quickly made friends with Willie and Sadie soon after. Whever she gets picked up, she constantly meows until you put her back down, but secretly, she loves the attention. Her favorite thing to do is get high on catnip like she's doing in the picture.

Meaning: Princess
Original Name: None
Gender: Female
Age: 10.5 Months
Weight: 8 lbs.
Coat: Gray with Silver Tipping; Shorthair
Eye Color: Yellow-copper
Mate: Willie

Sadie's a funny little girl. She has the cutest expressions, and is extremely intellegent. She looks a little bit like a Chartreux, and fits the personality profile to a "T". She could be carried around for hours and wouldn't mind. On the other hand, when she wants something, she'll wail in her tiny voice until she gets it. She's a little comic!

Shakespeare (Willie)
Meaning: Protector
Original Name: None
Gender: Male
Age: 10.5 Months
Weight: 9.5 lbs.
Coat: Red Blotched Tabby; Semi-longhair
Eye Color: Gold
Mate: Sadie

Willie is in a close second for "all around best cat." He loves to talk, and he has an absolutely adorable voice. He just wants to make friends with everybody, whether it's reciprocal or not. Sometimes it can get him into trouble! He has formed a unique bond with my two Jack Russel Terriers, and even sleeps in their bed! He's already very handsome, and I predict he will be around twelve or thirteen pounds when full-grown. I think he has a little Maine Coon in him.

Boy, that took a while... I hope I didn't overdue it! Thanks for putting up with my rather long spiel.
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Hi Rachael, welcome to the board! All of your babies are adorable! :
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Welcome to the board Rachael! I loved the intros to your kitty family. Quite a beautiful bunch of cats!
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awwwww I love the pic of your orange kittie!!

your black kitty mandi looks like my isadora that just passed away give her a big kiss for me.
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Hi Rachael and welcome! I have a daughter named Rachel (no 'a'). She is 23. Actually I have two other children and 2 grandsons too! (Figured I better mention them or I'll be in trouble!)I have one precious furry girl named Peaches. She is a cream persian. We are currently looking for a sister for Peaches so she has company while I'm at work. Your kitties are beautiful and the intro was great! Hope you enjoy your time here.

Tammie & Peaches
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Thanks, everyone! I feel very welcome here. PrincessPurr, I remember reading your post about Isadora, but I don't think I actually found out what happened to her. What caused her death, and how old was she? (If it's uncomfortable to talk about, you don't have to.)
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they think fip and liver failer. You was only six monthes old and we had her for two weeks my hubby found her at work. She was such a good kitty.
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Oh... how sad. I've lost three black cats in my lifetime: Krazy Kat, Maizi, and Sapphire. Krazy Kat was about three or four when he died from Feline Leukemia. Maizi (Mandi's sister) ran off and most likely got eaten by Coyotes... She was one and a half. Sapphy, last but not least, died from Coccidia, dehydration, and starvation when she was only SEVEN WEEKS OLD! That was a tragic time. You can see the full story of the latter two in my thread in the Crossing the Bridge forum.
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Welcome to the site! Willie's picture makes him look like such card. Thanks for sharing their pictures.
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Welcome, and thanks for those great pics of your kitties!!!
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Welcome! Your cats are great! Thanks for very interesting info about! I'll go and exam mine kitties
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Welcome! You have taken the pictures of your cats of so I can't seem them , Sam
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Hi Welcome to the boards!
Greetings Simba Mom :pinky:
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Hi and welcome!

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All of your cats are gorgeous! They are lucky to have you , I bet you spoil them rotten.


Mom to Twinkie & Littles
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hi there teenangel, remember me from the other board, hope so. i think we will like it here this is a great board, huge and busy, your kitties are beautiful, welcome, and happy posting
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