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Sure way to draw a crowd

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Ok, so I know this is a strange post but I had sort of an interesting morning

I was up at 4am this morning (and I've got a class until 8:30 tonight ) because I had to get to work super early to take puppies to the airport. I took two in, they're 8 weeks old so they were complaining a lot. When I got to the airport the whole front of the airport was crowded with Army guys. I think they were just coming home and it was a layover for them. So I got the puppies checked in and then took them outside to wait until it was time to leave them. Lots of people came over to look and ooh and ahh at the puppies and then the military guys started coming over to ooh and ahh at the puppies. One guy was talking about how he hadnt seen a real dog with hair and without rabies in so long. I wasnt supposed to let anyone poke their fingers in the cage because they're so young theyve only had their first set of shots and I did tell the first guy that he couldnt but I just couldnt bring myself to tell all these guys that had been overseas to keep their hands off. Anyhow, it was just kind of a neat experience.

Unfortunately I was so tired by the time I got off work that I wrote down my time wrong..argh! I'll fix it tomorrow but still, I hate it when I make stupid math mistakes.
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That was really sweet! Bet those army guys enjoyed seeing the pups!!
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Aww, I can just imagine! It's funny how seeing a dog in a place you weren't expecting can really draw people over like that.
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what a beautiful story xxx
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