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Police Investigate Horrific Cat Cruelty Case WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

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This happened in Sacramento last night.
Warning there is blood in the video.
These are kids that did this also.,3288376.story
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I had to turn it off when the FOX news reporter said "this case will turn your stomach."
Whoever the perpetrators are, I hope they are savagely abused in jail. I would not normally wish such horrors on anyone, but EXPLOSIVES! What kind of monster would do such a thing?
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It made me cry it is so sad.
They said it was a kitten also.
I wish I had not show it on the news last night.
They willl get those rotten kids.
I am so mad.
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This is outrageous...... I really wish those guilty guys have do to THEY for another people in their own PERSONS!...
I really wish they will pursuit and catch...
This should not will be unpunished!...
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This is a case where I would say have the exact same thing done to them, only not as severe so they have to suffer for the rest of their lives (too bad we live in a country that's against cruel and unusual punishment, now's a time we could use it!). Hopefully the teens are at the age where they can be tried as an adult and jailed, where we all know what will happen to "young, fresh boys" in an adult jail... They will get what they have coming to them for sure and then some!

How sick, apparently they do this type of thing all the time! It was just today though that they got caught. This really just proves that our animal abuse laws need to be much more strict, so that people are fearful of even thinking of doing such a thing. But unfortunately that will probably not even stop people. It's sick to think that there are people out there that are this heartless. I'm never this mean really, but this is a clear-cut sign that stupid people shouldn't breed or raise children. I hope these teens never have kids of their own, because the cycle will only continue.

What really gets to me in cases like this, is that if it were a human that they would've done this to, they would have been tried for murder and likely get life in jail, possibly even the death penalty (depending on the state). We're lucky if this is even considered a small felony, it's like people don't think that these animals are as important as people. Like they don't hurt as much or something. How heartless!!!
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So these people in the neighbourhood say it's a frequent thing that these kids do, so why didn't they report these other incidents earlier?!, because it didn't sound like they had.

In cases like this i really don't blame the parents, because i grew up next door to a poor, deprived family, and none of them did anything like this.

Theres something wrong in their heads to get a kick out of killing/hurting animals IMO
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They caught one of the punks yesterday.
It had been reported to the police before.
Someone has been shooting cat and dogs over there with bb guns.
The punk will only get 1 year in jail and a 20 thouand dollar fne maybe.
Here is a update and a picture of the piece of trash.,2716238.story
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IF convicted. It should be when

They've done the right thing by naming and shaming him though so people know what their looking out for.

I still say their lacking something up top to want to do something like that.

And i hate it when they call them kids. At 19 he's an adult!
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I had to turn it off. I am in tears that these ADULTS act this way on poor defenseless animals and it absolutely disgusts me what they did to that poor little baby......

I just don't even have nice words to say about what should happen to these men-if you can even call them that
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