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My Cat Won't Eat

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I have two very picky cats, which makes me laugh because I rescued them from off the street. I went through several cans of cat and several turned up noses before I found the one they would finally eat. Over the past two weeks one of my cats, Rosie has been turning up her nose to this food as well. I can't understand it because this is her favorite part of the day. She loves her wet food. She has maintained her normal routine of waking me up in the morning demanding to be fed and meows at me in the kitchen at the sound of the can opening, but as soon as I put the bowl down, she takes a sniff and walks away. I have tried a few other brands, even the cheap stuff, which most cats generally like, and no luck.

What could this be? Any ideas? Should I bring her to the vet?
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Is she still eating dry food or has she stopped eating altogether? If she's not eating at all, get her to a vet now. If she's just being picky, leave her alone. She may eventually decide she likes the food again----or not.
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Yes she is still nibbling on the hard food but it is not as much. I normally would have to put a little more in the bowl before I go to bed and I have not had to. Should I just keep trying different wet food or continue to put the same one out every morning.
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You mentioned you have tried different brands, and I feel your pain. My "rescued" Phoebe only ate dry food until she joined our family. She will ONLY eat wet food with gravy.....no pate style (I've tried them all). I usually by the pouches(Wellness and Nutro) or MeowMix and Wholesome Goodness. I have an issue paying a dollar per Wellness Pouch, so I alternat with cheaper ones(since they eat Wellness Core for dry).
So ahve you tried different consistency of foods?
Good luck
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I went to Pet Value last night and bought several different kinds of wet food thinking maybe she is just sick of the old one. This morning, I tried 3 different kinds (one at a time) and no luck. Even the hard food is not really being touched. So, I left her at the vets office this morning on my way to work. I need to make sure she is ok, I just couldn't live with myself if something happened to her and she was trying giving me signals.

Thanks for your help!
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Hope they can figure out what's going on and that it's something easily fixable.
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