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My kitten dream! Eek!

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Don't know if this should be here or in the Pregnant Cat-Kitten forum (which i apparently read too much!)..

Last night I had a dream that we had a cat (not our real cat Genever) that suddenly had kittens! We didn't know it was going to have kittens. Should be a cute cuddly dream, right? Well.. it turned into a sort of anxiety-filled nightmare!

I don't know how you people who take care of kitten litters do it! Of course there was a tiny tiny runt who had almost no fur, and it wouldn't nurse, and I had to do something so it wouldn't die but we had no KMR or regular milk, we only had "sage milk" which i know doesn't exist in real life, and if it did I would not have it in my house b/c I hate sage.. I had no bottle or dropper so had to dip my finger in this sage milk and feed the tiny one that way, oh it was a mess. And the kittens were running all over, right after being born, we couldn't catch them to get them in a room with the mom cat, kitten poo all over, gosh. And we had to go to work soon but I didn't want to leave them because they had to keep being fed, etc. etc...

It was once of thos mornings where I was actually happy for the alarm, because it all went away! It was one of those dreams that really affected me, as silly as it sounds! I hope I don't get anxiety attacks the next time I see a kitten now..
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EEK! I would have been glad to wake up from that one, too.
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