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Fang is a bad boy, urine on basement floor

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He has started pooping and peeing in the basement concrete floor. It is humid today, and when I walked down to the basement the urine smell almost knocked me over. I don't want that. I know the area, and keep spraying with the hydrogen peroxide solution, I try to keep the door shut, but Pansy can get it open if I don't have it tight, and the basement is their stomping grounds, to keep the mice at bay. This is really Pi##ing me off , no pun intended. Any suggestions on getting rid of the smell, and stopping the behavior. the litter is clean.
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Did you change the litter (brand, scent, type) recently?

Has he been checked for a urinary tract infection?
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I am assuming you have more then one litter box, and you did mention you keep them clean. Do you have a litter box in the basement as well? How bad are the mice, could you have a nest down there? Honestly I would suggest doing a thorough cleaning and bleach/antibacterial dish soap scrub the floor. If the smell is that strong, chances are it's been happening for a while. MAke sure the cats are kept away from bleach cleaning. Or if it is as simple as keeping them out of the basement, put a new latch on the door.
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Don't use bleach to clean, it enhances the urine odour to the cats making them want to remark.

Clean up with vinegar/water, any of the 'oxy' laundry cleaners or specific pet urine cleaner.

And get the kitty checked for a UTI.
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He's trying to tell you something's wrong. The first thing to do when a cat pees or poops (or both) outside of the box when they were using it is to get them to a vet.

If he gets the all clear on his health, then you can worry about what's stressing him.

We use Nok Out to clean up cat "problems" and having a kitty that used to pee outside the box due to stress, we've tried a lot of the enzyme cleaners and found Nok Out to be the best.
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thanks,there is nothing wrong with him health wise, and I have three clean litter boxes, He may have done this initially because the box had something in it, and he is from the streets, poop where you may. I am afraid now it has become his area of choice. It has been going on intermittenly for around 6 months with the peeing, before that pooing only on occasion. the walls of the basement tend to create a dust on the floor, which could be considered litter by him. I do not keep a box in the basement because I clean the boxes after every usage if I am present, or as soon as I see somthing, which is shortly after it has been deposited. I cannot do that if they are in the basement because I am not going to run up and down the steps that many times a day. Concrete soaks stuff up, so I am wondering if there is anything that can get rid of the smell. I am going to ahve to be more diligent about keeping Fang out of the basement until we break this developing habit.
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The Nok Out will work on the concrete if you soak it and let it air dry. It may need more than one application.

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