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Daily Thread HUMP day July 29th

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Morning all!

It's going to be yet another rainy day today. Josh is supposed to go for a run with his friend tonight, but I doubt that will happen if its rainy and stormy. Ah well, I get to keep him to myself

Heading to work in a has been nuts there! I can't wait until the weekend.

We get our apartment keys tomorrow!!!

That's it for now friends...have a good day!

P.S. we saw Transformers last night, and we enjoyed it!
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Crummy weather here again today too!!! In fact it's supposed to be crummy here until Sunday and even then it's only going to be 18 degrees Celsius, but at least the sun is apparently supposed to make an appearance.

Off to work today: Last day before my holidays start!!!
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Wow here we go with the non-stop rain again. Really I don't mind the rain but the humidity stinks.

Mom's off to a funeral today. I am trying to shake two horrible dreams I had. First one I died and the 2nd I had heart worms. YUCK!

Kitties are bored and going nuts this morning. Molly cuddled with me all night and morning. She is a cutie

Nothing going on. Bored of the day in/out routine. I need a change
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rainy here too. Hmmmm, I might as well not bother posting the weather unless its NOT rainy LOL.

Nothing much happening today....have to go to the drugstore and pick up some meds....

Aside from that, a whole lot of nothing LOL.

Have a good day folks.
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Looks rainy here too...I'm really hoping our roof is still up at work (I cannot wait untill they finally get that fixed).

No plans for me either. HEading off to work in a few minutes, then the gym afterwards. Then...whatever happens.

I feel really unstructured today.

Hope everyone has a good one!
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Oh and more rain here too!
Just another day of work for me...
Have a good day everyone!
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Morning All!!!

Looks like everyone is dealing with rain once again today. They are saying it may clear up for awhile this afternoon lets hope.

Few errands to do today, have to go to the Whole-food store, drugstore and the bank. I also need to start looking for a new pair of running shoes as mine are now starting to get quite worn on the bottom.
I see a few sales going on so I will check those out.

Also may stop by the video store to see if I can find a interesting movie for this evening.

The kitties are good, all of them are napping in under my comforter. They were tearing around the house like a bunch of banshees earlier so I guess they tired themselves out.

Everyone have a great day
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No rain here in Edmonton, and it is supposed to go up to 25C by the afternoon. Am going out to Oodle Noodle for lunch with my lab-mates which will be delicious and a nice break before Lab meeting at 1:30. After Lab Meeting, I think I will leave early to check on the fledging falcons (Ive been volunteering for a Fledge Watch program this year, and our last chick took off yesterday!).
Later, Ill go home and watch Americas Got Talent, do some reading for work, and go to bed. Should be a good day....enjoy everyone
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I am still sick today. I have had a cold since Sunday night, although I think that it may have actually started on Sat. because all of a sudden I couldn't clear my right ear and this cold has definitely had a right-sidedness (or is that a wrong-sidedness) to it.

I made an apt. at the doctor for tomorrow because I started coughing up that wrong-colored phlegm this morning.

At least I have Butzie to keep me company in bed.
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please send some rain our way!!

It's a measly 89 degrees out right now but from what I've seen and heard it's supposed to reach a dismal 108 today.

So...all I have planned is frequent cold baths and sitting lazily in front of the fan whilst watching TV.

BF's mother offered her house to us during the day today to keep cool, but by the time she gets home the temp will be at it's peak and we'll be heading home, I'm thinking it might be better just to stay here in the heat.
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Rain and more rain here. It is my day off and I have slept right through a lot of it. I will get up once in awhile to get online or throw in a load of laundry. Kitties have done a lot of cuddling today, with me and each other. Pepper and Fluffy have lately started grooming each other. It is so cute, petite, perfect little Fluffy, and big, kinda goofy looking, but very cute Pepper.
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