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Does your cat prefer dry in extremely hot weather?

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We are having very unusually hot weather in Seattle area. We are to hit 100 degrees tomorrow.

One thing I have been noticing is that our kitties are tuning down wet food. Leo loves wet, and he sometimes don’t touch dry. But today, he sniffed and walked away from it.
Does this happen to your kitties?

I guess they don’t want “rich†food in this weather. I don’t either….
They seem to have OK appetite.
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I haven't noticed if they eat less wet, but they eat less in general when it's hot.
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Well, it's always hot weather here and my girls still require their wet food, if it's 5pm or after, I get no peace until they get it.
It gets gobbled up almost as fast as the dog gobbles his.
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All of mine are indoors only and since Hubby keeps the house at a toasty 76 degrees (pass the blanket, please???), they don't have the opportunity to get hot.

They certainly do enjoy their raw rabbit, no matter the temperature.
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It is extremely hot here too, I also live in the NW corner of Washington. My barn cats would prefer to eat dry food though all the time but i don't let them anymore. To get them to drink plenty of water (especially today) I got a case of friskies seafood pate last night. I mix one can of friskies with 1 can of water and they love to drink it.

I ended up having to evacuate cats from the strawmow last night because i knew today it was going to be extremely hot up there. It can get up to 20 degrees warmer up there at the hottest time of the day when the sun is shining into it. I hope it gets cooler soon though
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Try feeding them later in the evening. I found that my cats when its very hot don't eat much of anything till later in the day. Ours loves canned food - doesn't matter when its served
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Probably the schedule was messed up, too.
I always stick to the schedule but started to leave dry food all night long ever since heat weave hit.

I don't like to leave wet food out and if they don't show, I don't give them wet.

Despite this heat, my kitties still perferes outside. I let 2 kitties experience cool indoor. (we have whole house air) But both of them wanted to get out shortly after.

I think evening is a lot of fun for them. This morning, someone left little mouse at the door. They brought baby bunnies 2 times in the weekend.
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I have not found that to be the case, especially with my youngest he's quite the tummy with feet
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I live in WA too. This heat wave was horrible and I'm so glad it's supposedly over.

Last night's temperature was a great relief to us and our cat.

I noticed that while it was so hot out, our cat had a generally decreased apetite.

Also that he prefered wet over dry, but only if it was cold. So I've taken to refridgerating it and he seems to like it more that it's not at room temperature when it's 105 degrees out.
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