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Little Cats?

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Who else has smaller-than-average cats? It didn't dawn on me until earlier this year, but Alafair seems to be a very small cat (I know, after 13 years I should have picked up on that, but oh well...) Last time she went to the vet she weighed 5 lbs 11 oz. When she was younger she was a bit over 6 pounds, but from what I've heard and seen that's still small for a cat. She's not really skinny or anything, just tiny I began to notice as Jason got bigger (I think he's about 10 lbs right now, not really sure) and it got me curious. So who else has little cats?

Here's Mrs. Alafair, just cause she's pretty!

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Like people some cats are smaller or larger than others. Certain breeds tend to be smaller or larger. Also early nutrition probably plays a role. If your cat was a stray/feral kitten they might be smaller. As long as the Vet says your cat is healthy, and the smallness is not a result of sudden weight loss simply enjoy her size.

Personally I think petite kitties are cute.

Our late great Gracie was never over 7lbs her whole life (she was also supposed to be a persian/DSH cross, which would make sense. Aya seems to be coming in on the small size at 8lbs. She was both a feral kitten and a Japanese cat (they tend to be smallish).
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An ex of mine had a pretty little blue tabby girl who only weighed 4 and a half pounds.
She was also the top cat in the house

My Spaz is a Norwegian Forestcat, they are supposed to be fairly large, but Spaz has never weighed over 7 pounds.
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I fostered a kitten once who grew up to be no more than 4lbs. He was really tiny even as a kitten. We had had him for 3 months and he was around 4 weeks when we got him and he still looked like a 12 week old kitten.

His name is JoeJoe and my friend currently has him. He is little but he sure thinks he is a big tom cat.
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My Oreo Cookie Monster is only 5.9 pounds.
She was the runt of the litter and has fcks.
Smokey a feral we caght and I kept wa about 5 pounds full grown.
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I have never had a small cat before. My mom's cats, when I was a child, were large, my friends' cats were large, and my first cat is large. (She could stand to lose 2 or 3 lbs !)

Lolly, however, is small! She's only six pounds, and since I've never had a small cat before, I'm constantly paranoid that she's ill or undernourished or something. I'm starting to get over it. There are naturally small people, why not naturally small cats? As long as she's happy and seems healthy, I'm going to try not to be such a worrier.
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Both my kits Shark and Arwen are small due to their breed, their mother Daisy is the same.

Some people who visit us still think they are kittens, but I explain to them that they are way beyond that stage now!
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I thought Trout was smaller than average...but maybe not (8 lbs). She seems smaller than other cats to me though.
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My kitty Dinah was a small 5 pounds. I used to call her Tiny-Diny. My current kitten Gigi is already 6 1/4 pounds at just under five months I guess she'll be about average as an adult. I like a larger cat.
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My Havana is barely six pounds at about 14 months. She's healthy though, and the gentlest cat in the house. A true sweetheart.
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My DMH Fluffy is a petite girl. She looks bigger because of her fur, but only weighs about 5 pounds. She is about 4 years old and still looks like she did when she was a kitten, just a little bigger. My DH rescued her from parking lot where he worked at the time, so we have no real info on her.
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My Dharma is about 7 pounds, and the vets call her my petite little girl...Dante is about 12 pounds, so it's very fun watching her chase him all over the house!
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My Dusty is 7.5 lbs. She is very petite and I worry about her sometimes since she eats so little. But she is an energetic little lady! She also sleeps more than her sister.

Her sister, from the same litter btw, is a big kitty at 11 lbs.They are almost 20 months old already!
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