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Not sure-- first heat symptoms?

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One of Loudmouth's first litter is acting awfully friendly. I mean she's a cuddler anyway, but it's gotten to the point that you can't sit, stand, walk, take a shower, or use the bathroom without her wanting attention. Headbutts and cries for attention or the sweet parts. It's the point when she's trying to climb your leg (and you're wearing shorts) that she's becoming a problem.

She's only about 18 weeks old now. She's probably somewhere about half her adult size, maybe a little bit more. She's been acting this way for about 3 or 4 days now, and when she just flopped up here in my lap and I rubbed her belly, I noticed something else that REALLY has me worried. Her nipples aren't changing color or growing, but they have hard knots under them. Is this a part of kitty puberty? Or false pregnancy? Or her first heat? The 3 amigas (3 unspayed females) are NEVER allowed outside. Never ever. And the only tom in the house is their brother, cuddles, who is spayed. he has been for i think about 2 or so weeks. maybe a few days more.

So, please tell me these are normal kitty heat symptoms, and that she didn't somehow get knocked up at 14-16 weeks by her littermate.
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Kittens as young as 4 months old can and do get pregnant and don't have to show signs of heat. Its best to spay/neuter by 3-4 months old, so call the vet and get her in and spay her now.

Males can STILL get a cat pregnant for up to 2 months after they are neutered.
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I would take her (and the other entires) to get spayed ASAP.
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I'd love to get them spayed. They'd all already be done if any of the vets in the area did pediatric spays. But no one here will do them earlier than 6 months. Read my other posts, and you'll see this has been a recurring source of contention between myself and the vets. Ugh. I really hope she's not preggy. Maybe if she is tho I'll finally get a vet to spay her since she'll obviously be fertile. that's the only way I got them to neuter the baby tom. I told them he was starting to spray.
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