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Long hair kittens

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I really like long haired cats. Since I am adopting a kitten it is really hard to tell, at least for me, if the kitten will turn out to be a long or short hair cat. How can I tell at 2 months old if he is gong to be long or short hair? What are the tell tail signs? Thanks so much.
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Hi there! I hoped that I had some photos from the rescue I volunteer with of some of our long haired kittens to show you, but apparently I don't.

Basically, long haired kittens have...longer hair. Lol. Seriously though, it's finer at the tip and poofy at the base, if you can imagine that. Short haired kittens are usually very soft, but have...symmetrical hair. I don't feel like I'm explaining this very well, so my advice is to google "long haired kitten" and "short haired kitten" and look at the differences between the images. Maybe then what I'm trying to say will make sense, lol.

Good luck!
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It totally makes sense. Thanks so much.
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It is often hard to tell - as we have an entire litter we thought would grow up to be LH, none of them were. Now we had another kitten at the same time, same look, that ended up being LH.

Oftentimes, it is easily deteremined LH/SH - but sometimes they end up MH more than LH.
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I have a couple pictures of my litter I can show you. They are 7 week pictures I believe. All I had was the slideshow of like 40 pictures, sorry (just click on the photo below). The cream and black and white are shorthairs still at 15 weeks. The gray and white is a definite long hair at 15 weeks (I kept her). The other two I'm not sure about as I haven't got updates on them from their adopters.

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I could tell right away that one of the bottlefeeder litter was going to be LH--once mama cat got her cleaned up, her hair looked slightly wavy.

Wow, that was hard to type with a cat on the keyboard. Panther says hi :p
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