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Hey Everybody!

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My name is Lisa. I love cats very, very much, and I am very sensitive when it comes to them. I have 7 cats of my own. Their names are Stinkie, Thumper, Rat, Tater Dude, Pretty Kitty, Iddie Bit, and Mitzi. I have had lots of cats all of my life. In the past seven years, I have lost three to feline leukemia; hopefully I never have to go through that again. It broke my heart. Out of the seven that I have now, Pretty Kitty is the oldest and Stinkie is the youngest - the baby. They are all mixed breeds, but I now Thumper has a lot of Maine Coon in her. Stinkie is allergic to fleas and we have lots of problems with him when it is hot weather. He is constantly scratching and washing himself and we still are unsure of what to do to really make him comfortable this time of year. We are trying to stay away from steroids. Any suggestions are helpul. My cats are my life. Some people probably think I love them too much; maybe I do. In my opinion, cats are the best animals I know of.
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Hi Lisa (and kitties!) and welcome! You will find a whole lot of people on here share your feelings about cats! People give me weird looks when I tell them Midnight is my best friend (He's 11 and I've had him since he was 6 months old), but it's true!

I love/like my cats a lot better than I like some people, including some who are related to me!
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Hi Lisa, welcome to the Cat Site! It's always nice to hear from people that love cats as much as we all do here.

Have you tried Advantage for Stinkie's flea problem? It has been a miracle for me and my cats.
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Welcome to the site, Lisa!

In addition to the Advantage Angela mentioned, there's also Frontline and Revolution.
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Welcome to the site Lisa! I have to say, I don't think it's possible to love your cats too much. Just not possible.
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Hello and Welcome Lisa! Sounds to me like you're in the right place! My husband says I love my furbaby too much. But seriously, I think he finds it cute.

Tammie & Peaches
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Hello and welcome here!

I also think you are on the right place... . Here are so many people who are crazy about their cats so you will feel home here very quickly .

Have fun!
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Welcome to the site!

As for fleas--we have problems with them down here too and I found that Advantage on the kitty, spraying everything down with Lysol, washing everything in Lysol, and sprinkling Borax on the floor work to keep them out.
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It's impossible to love a cat too much! So you should do your best!

About health problem - I think the best way is to spray the cat if he/she is not a part of a breeding programm...
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Welcome to the boards!!! Gald to see ya here!
Greetings Simba Mom!:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
:flash: :flash: :flash:
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I'm the same way with my babies! Theres nothing that could ever compare to the love they give!
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Hi and welcome, Lisa!

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