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Question of the Day: Tues July 28, 09

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You know, thinking these up is sometimes hard LOL.

Todays question is on gifts

What was the most thoughtful gift you have recieved? You know, the ones that melt your heart, or are so very important to you, etc. If you're like me, you'll prolly have more than one
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Wow I can't remember the most recent one but the one that sticks out was years ago my co-workers threw a wedding shower. Rose was in her 90s at the time and she gifted us measuring spoons with sayings on them. They were given to her as a wedding gift.
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No question about this one for cats!! DH rescued Tailer from imminent death at the animal shelter and paid for all the initial vet visits and neuter for me for my birthday 12 years ago, and he adopted Forest for me from our vet for our first anniversary. (OK...I was a little underhanded with Forest...I told DH that fur was the traditional first anniversary gift. He knows that I only like fur when it's still breathing. But, hey, I was in love.)

Aside from the fact that they're cats and I love them, both gifts showed me how much DH gets me. Instead of buying a pet from a pet store, he knows me well enough to adopt one who really needs us.
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I have a few....

- it took many years for DH to realise I liked the little things... For my birthday a couple yrs back, he went to a craft store and bought a basket, filled it with fake flowers (lilies, which are my favs) and scented candles. I cried, because he actually put thought in it. He is used to giving what a person NEEDS, not what a person WANTS.

- recently, a very sweet friend of mine sent me a pkg in the mail. It could not have come at a better time.... It was filled with gifts of hope, dreams, and love/care. Here's a pic of one of the items:

Again, I cried.....

Those are just a couple small things that meant more than anything
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Two immediately come to mind for me.

1. The first Christmas I was out of the house (I'd moved out 2 weeks before) Mom bought me all my own quilting gear because it hadn't occured to me that I wouldn't be able to use hers anymore and she didn't want me to be without my crafts.

2. I love music and used to play clarient alot, but my clarinet needed recorking and I just couldn't justify the expense once I was out of school. Last Christmas when I was feeling particularly low, I unwrapped my old clarinet and found that DH had saved up and found a place to get it recorked for me. I cried.
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A few years ago a traveling theater group was coming to DC to do CATS at the Warner Theater and I mentioned in passing that I would love to see it live (I have the DVD but it's just not the same). I only mentioned it once when a commercial came on TV and forgot about it because A: we really didn't have the extra money and B: I know how much DH HATES driving in DC plus he's definitely not a theater person.

A few weeks later DH came home all excited and handed me an envelope...with tickets to CATS!! It was supposed to be my Valentine's day present but he couldn't wait that long! As an added bonus, the show we had tickets for was on March 11th which is my "homecoming day" (I'm adopted and that's the day my parents actually brought me home so when I was growing up my family celebrated it like a second birthday). DH didn't even know about that!

Of course, the drive down took longer than we thought (we live about 2 1/2 hrs from DC) and Constitution Ave was closed for some reason so we got the scenic tour of DC trying to find our way back to the theater so we missed the opening song, but it was worth it. Even Chip enjoyed it, which surprised us both!

But yeah, that is probably the most thoughtful gift I ever got, and I bawled!
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Oh, one other, although it's not really a "gift" in a physical sense. When I was in college I became good friends with a guy who went by "Fruit". Don't even ask me what his real name was...I used to know, but he was always Fruit to me. He was definitely an interesting character. Ex-military/hippie/musician (that about says it all). I met him in Spanish class and we got along fact, we had a "date of the month" club where if neither one of us were in a relationship, we would dress up and go out to a nice dinner the last weekend of every month. He used to send me a Christmas card in the middle of July for years....

Anyway, he lived by the Cheaspeake Bay and his dream was to own his own boat. So shortly after graduating, he got a boat and named her Esperanza (Hope, in spanish). I still have pictures of her somewhere...she's a beauty! To me, that was a gift!
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Wow that is a hard one. I guess I would have to say a necklace my parents had made especially for me when I graduated high school. It was the celtic symbol for wisdom and it was done in white gold, with a very pretty star sapphire in the middle. I think the reason I like it so much is because it was something they really had to research to find a picture of and I know a lot of thought went into their choice.
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I had one of these cute dolls, wish I knew what happened to them.
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Most recently in May, my boyfriend was at the finish line area of my first full running marathon (26.2 miles). He planned to surprise me and he was very close to it but I had caught onto him It was one of the best gifts, we had a great time in San Diego too, but the trip was too short! He's been fully supportive of my running habit since we started dating (almost 11 months now).

A red hooded zip up sweatshirt that one of my cousins gave me for Christmas - it was her first season working retail and working a job while in college. I was so obliged that she spent her hard earned money on me.
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When I was 11 years old, my mom gave me a gift of a vacation with her to Jamaica. Our family hadn't had a vacation together for many years, as my dad had been taking his 2 week vacation with my brothers at boy scout camp. Mom didn't think it was fair that I didn't get a vacation away from home, had just started working herself, and could afford the treat. It was my first airplane ride, my first visit to a tropical climate, and we had a blast!!
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wow, I can't believe this one was so hard LOL....

Sorry bout that.
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Chris, this was really hard to answer my friend.... I keep thougth yesterday and Can´t decide for what I can put even I forget to answer here... because the memories will make me fly...
I join to Tari Resolution My CATS.. & being member of TCS!...
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