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Daily Thread Tues July 28th

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Morning peeps!

It's finally going to be sunny today!!! I am totally baring my whities today!

Josh and I are going to see Transformers tonight in the IMAX. It was our one month-iversary, you know we like to celebrate

Work is crazy, I am juggling 3 desks all week.

I am so excited about the finale of Bachelorette last night..I love Ed and am so glad she finally picked the right guy!!! *ahem* not that I watch that filth.

Have a great day folks!
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OMG 1 month already! Wow times flies.

Gonna try to squeeze a nap in today. I slept horribly and DS was up early again. It's like he knows. lol Mom's working late shift so I'll be doing laundry later today. DH and I get new glasses tonight. First time in many moons I will have sunglasses
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Morning folks

It's a damp and dreary day....I think I'm going to watch some movies, and colour in my new Amy Brown colouring book

Have a good day folks.
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Surprise, surprise it looks like rain here today. DH keeps looking at the forecast for Vancouver Island because he wants to move there, and they have been having a wonderful summer. Like that helps to know!
Have a good day everyone!
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Morning All!

It's humid here, but no sign of rain yet (crosses fingers). It's a normal work day, just trying to get stuff cleared off my desk and organized. Other then that, no plans for today except maybe gardening when I get home. I finally know what I want to do with that strange little side bed that I've been ignoring since we bought the house so I'm trying not to frighten my husband by being too ambitious about it.

Have a great day, everyone.
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Morning everyone!

Slept in till 9 this morning. Felt really good to be able to do that. Not much going on. Have to workout soon before it gets too humid and hot. I worked out yesterday afternoon and had 2 fans going on me at once. Have a doctor's appt later. Getting a mole checked out and my wrists checked out. Hoping I don't have the start of carpal tunnel, but it's kinda looking that way to me.

Have to put chicken in the crockpot for dinner tonight too. Oops, I should probably do that soon

Have a good one!
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Morning all!!!

Cloudy but not raining yet. Looks like it will soon though. Wow am I ever getting tired of this cool damp weather. With Saturday being the first of August we aren't going to have much summer if the weather doesn't improve soon.

Not much on the agenda for today. Have to change the litter boxes and give them a good scrubbing. Also want to change my bed linens and tidy up my bedroom a bit.

After that am just going to putter at the computer and maybe grab a quick nap.

The kitties are good today, all just had a few treats and are now looking out the window to see if anything interesting is going on in the neighborhood.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning. Just a regular Tuesday for me I suppose. At work now, have a dr. appointment this afternoon, AGAIN.. blah. Oh yeah i need to find a recipe for new potatoes, otherwise i will just be lazy and make parsely potatoes tonight. If i feel up to cooking at all.

No rain here, as usual, but it has been super humid the past few weeks, evening-night-morning is very sticky. Strange for this area. Makes it hard for the apartment to cool off after the sun goes down, the heat just stays. Ah, the joys of a west-facing 10th floor apartment..

Anyway, hope you all have a good day and get some rest or do some chores or have lots of fun, whatever you have planned.
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We went to the grocery store today, and while I was there I stopped by BLOCKBUSTERS to see if there was anything I really wanted. They have this deal where you can buy three Pre-paid movies for twenty dollars, so I got PRINCE CASPIAN, THE HOUSE BUNNY and HOTEL FOR DOGS and I'm going to have a movie on my computer night tonight.
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Good evening.

It's a disgusting 105 degrees out today and I've been watching it climb since 9:30 this morning.

Thankfully I went and hid at Cody's mothers house while we did laundry and blasted the AC. We just had to come home though and sit and suffer in the sickly heat with our kitty.

Now we're just mulling around like animals and taking turns splashing in a bathtub of cold water and then sitting in front of the fan.
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It was "hot" here today I think it was 78F!! Mid 70's day/mid 50's nighttime continues on.

But it must be the best veg garden weather ever!! I picked another 4 1/2 qts raspberries (9 qts for the week!) and I spyed a head of broccoli that has to be a good 12" across and another about 9 inches!! Then the peas are coming and the green beans perhaps next week. Good thing I cleaned out the chest freezer as I'm gonna need alot of room!

Worked 5:45 am until noon then at a clients for only an hour. Watched Yes man as it was due back tonite then picked the raspberries and ran them into town for a co-worker and then some cherries which are pitted and in the freezer.

Kind tired though.....

Bad news though Emerald Ash Borer was found in a trap in Green Bay!! Yikes!! Its had need spooted in a few counties in Southern Wisconsin but this is realy a jump!! The commercial client I see tomorrow has an Ash Tree they need to cut down due to renovation so I have to find out what they need to do now. Scary as I have three nice sized Ash trees in my yard and tons of smaller ones too.

Oh and Brett Farve is staying retired!!

Cats are pretty good have to get Bobs back soon to the vet as there is another mass-grrr.....
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