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How much food?

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ok, so, wondering if anyone has any links on cat nutrition on how much of their diet should be composed of fats,fiber, ect. and about how many calories ect they should be eating per day.

the reason I ask, is because my cat i have had for almost 5 years would be fed a high quality wet food in a small portion once a day, and a blend of a few high quality all natural dry foods in a automatic feeder. He would never overeat, and was always the proper weight for his size.

now though, I have a problem. we recently adopted a flame point siamese and even after over a month and now that our house is no longer a war zone, our cat is still overeating. within the first few days i had to remove the automatic feeder. unfortunately, my wife wasnt watching our cats behavior, and she even shook the food down. within a couple of days, our cat went from about 23 and a half pounds to 26 pounds.

i have been portioning his food out, but he scarfs it down and then cries all day for more. he has not gained any more weight, but even with play and exercise he has not lost his extra weight.

before people start laying into me, he is a very large cat, and at 24 pounds he had no fat. he is about 20 inches long from nose to rump, and about 14 inches tall at the shoulder. he is a mixed breed of domestic short hair, and up untill recently, never over ate or had to be monitered, he would only eat when hungry.

so, now i have to figure out, how much to feed him without starving him and making him drop the weight too fast, and to ensure that he gets down to and stays at 24 pounds.

to make matters for me worse, the siamese had been feral for a while, and half starved...i have brought him up to a healthy weight, but he is incredibly active and hungry all the time. when i am not home he gets into EVERYTHING...nothing is safe, he will eat anything...and i cannot leave food out or my DSH will scarf it down and add on more weight...so basically i have one over eater, and one that i cannot keep anything edible around...he can open doors, get into anything except closed jars, and is smart enough to figure out that things dropped from a elevation will often break open.

so, i am trying to figure out how to get the siamese more food so while i am at work he doesnt trash the house looking for food, and keep my now overweight shorthair from eating more than he is supposed to! help please!
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Hi there!

Well, first of, welcome to the forum!!!
This is a problem many of us have, really... and the "solution" depends on what you are able to do, such as how often you can personally feed them, etc.
Lets go to the calories first: Please take a look at this site for reference, and great feline nutrition information:

Example 1 (overweight cats): If your cat weighs 18 pounds but really should weigh 12 pounds, please make sure that he is consuming at least ~180 calories per day. (12 pounds lean body mass X 15 calories/pound/day = ~180 calories/day) so, for your overweight kitty, he should have: 24X15 = 360 calories/day.

Example 2 (proper weight cats): If your cat is a proper weight at 12 pounds, a simple formula for the minimum caloric needs to maintain the weight of most cats is (13.6 X weight of cat in pounds) + 70. Younger/more active cats may need more calories.Your siamese should have: (13.6 X weight of cat in pounds) + 70
Please do not put him on a crash diet, as he can run the risk of developing hepatic lipidosis.
A great way to get him on a weight loss path is to change him completely for a wet diet, if you can afford it.
Feeding them separately, and on a schedule can be another solution, depending on how available you are.
If your cats become destructive without food, you can feed them 1/2 of their diet at morning and night, and the other 1/2 you can place inside a feeding ball, so they need to work for their food. Or better yet, feed them morning and night wet food, and the remaining calories inside these feeding balls.
For their morning and night feeding, you can use a bowl like this to force him to eat slower, getting full quicker: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/produc...m?pcatid=20531 Another affordable solution, that some members have been successful with in here is to place a baseball inside of the food bowl (make sure to clean it/disinfect it prior to )
I hope this helps you some... I am sure other members will come here for input.
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try Google Merck vet manual it basically is the authority on this stuff the vets use
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I have a cat who sounds very similar to your feral. Ramsey only goes after bread though; buns, bread, tortillas...nothing is safe! He's not a good jumper (we think he may have been hit by a car before he found us), so we have to keep all bread in our top cabinets.

Something that our vet recommended to us is to do "food hunts". Since cats are natural born hunters, they have that instinct to go searching for food. Hide little piles of dry food ALL OVER your house (high, low, over, under) and let the cats hunt for their food. This will satiate that hunting instinct and also give them a little exercise, since they can't just stand in one spot and eat to their hearts' content.

The ball that Caronlinalima linked also looks very useful. I'd give those a shot, along with a little wet in the morning and evening.
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thanks for the help everyone!
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