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Birthday Party - every kitty is invited!

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Today is Trent's birthday! We got a birthday package from the TCS Fairies and Plain Brown Tabby (it was actually for my birthday on the 17th, but I saved it since Trent's birthday is only 10 days after mine). I hadn't even gotten the box to the bedroom to open it, and had all of the kitties waiting impatiently. Inside the box were TWO Kitty Cuddlers, a catnip pillow, a valerian filled Tabby Tussle, and Alix's Refillable Valerian Spiced Catnip Bag. We also got 4 Kurly-Qs and a sample of freeze dried calamari, which we haven't opened yet. I couldn't pry any of mine away from the catnip and valerian spiced catnip. (Seriously, I know this sounds like an advertisement, but Pat has some of the best toys ever! And it's supporting one of the TCS family. )

Trent would like to invite ALL his TCS friends to his party to play with him and his sisters! Be sure to post pics of your kitties joining the party!

(Please excuse the very dirty floor...we didn't do the vacuuming this weekend )

First the Kitty Cuddlers came out, which were a black cat fav! Mojo is a greedy little brat and grabbed both of them, but she couldn't hold on to both of them - they're too big! So Trent got one back.

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Trent thought the bestest toy of all was the ribbon on the gift bag. (Typical cat, huh?)

Trent's other sisters got to play with his birthday presents too!

Ophelia loved the Catnip Pillow

Ginger Cookie grabbed the Tabby Tussle (which has now been hidden by one of them...not sure who, so I'm not sure where to look!)

Annie got the Refillable Valerian Spiced Catnip Bag and went a little (a LOT) nuts!

Then Ginger grabbed that one when Annie's back was turned.

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A Party? With catnip!?!?! My two are on their way!

Happy Birthday, Trent!
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those are the faces of some very happy kitties.
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Wow! Your kitties sure hit the jackpot. Raven and Shadow say they are on their way. I recently introduced them to the joys of fresh catnip, and now, they are addicted.

Happy birthday, big guy!
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Nice gifts.
Dexter and Isis would love to come to Trent's party....
they will bring catnip ice cream for all to enjoy.

Happy Birthday Trent

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Happy Birthday Trent!!

Anna found this to help you celebrate!

ETA...Ooops! She was so excited by the wonderful toys, that she forgot to post the link!!
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I love the glad to see Trent doing exactly what my dee dee does with his (he got to test this special alix version of the Kitty Cuddler).

Ophelia, Alix's sister, is 16 soon, I think I should post a sweet 16 photo of her on her birthday
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Yay! Party time! Miss Patchwillow is all packed up ready to go. She's got a whole suitcase full of toys, but she's keeping them a secret until she gets there.
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More kitty friends with more kitty toys to share! Trent is very excited!

Pat, if your Ophelia is anything like the other two Ophelias on this site (mine and Natalie's Ophelia Rose), then she's a beautiful girl to look at...but there's a BK (b!tchy k!tty) behind that pretty face. I sure would love to see her Sweet 16 Birthday Pics!

It's a virtual party, and everyone is invited! pics of your kitties playing for the party!!
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Mojo, er, Koko wanted me to pack up this box full of toys and ship her to the party!

Scarlett pulled out her Cuddler just to be a copy cat:

And they all started to meowl out.......

Happy birthday to you!!
Happy birthday to you!!
Happy birthday you sweet little Trent!!
Happy birthday to you!!
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of course is a deep honour to be there my friend...
Our particular Plane is on the way right now with destin the Chicago City!..

Catulina is plenty happy to asist at her firts CAT-PARTY of TCS!..

Milky choose the best Catnip toy for Trent!...

AND of course all beverages contain lots of catnip liquid, prepared by Milky!..

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Is it too late to join the party? Riley and Xander have some toys ready to share!

Riley will even show everyone at the party how to breakdance!

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oooo...Riley has got some *moves*!
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