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Happy 10th Birthday Trent!!!

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10 years ago today, July 27th, a wee little black kitten was born. I didn't know him for the first 8 weeks of his life, but he was obviously raised with love because he always has been the sweetest kitty. He's absolutely my heart & soul kitty. Sometimes I look at him and feel like my heart is going to burst with love, and sometimes I look at him and just well up with tears with how much he's blessed my life. I'm so lucky to have him in my life!

Here's a bit of his life, in pictures - how else?

My favorite kitten picture. He was SO adorable!!

With his little sister Ophelia.

He always was a little 'nip head.

He grew up into such a handsome little guy! (I may be a little biased, though!)

He's always been such a good big brother to all of the girls.

Happy Birthday Boo-Bear! We love you SO much!!

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he's darling...happy birthday trent!
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Happy Birthday, Handsome Trent!!!

Make sure meowmy gives you lots of nip.
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What a sweet, handsome boy Trent is.

Happy Birthday!!!
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He doesn't look a day over 3.

that first pic, reminds me of Pax who would have been 4mos today.

Trent is absolutely wonderful....bias or not, he is one gorgeous feline.
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Happy birthday, Trent! You went from being an adorable little fluffball of a kitten to being a stunning, handsome big cat. I hope you get all the nip your heart desires, you gorgeous boy, you.

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I feel the EXACT same way about my Pirate! I feel like crying sometimes when I see him, how perfect he is for me and everything he does for me (not like picking up his toys, sweeping the floor, cleaning his litterbox, but emotionally ). I know what it's like to feel like your cat is a perfect match for you in every way, and how it feels to have your heart swell with so much happiness for being blessed with him. I don't know what I would do without him!

And I agree with Chris- doesn't look a day over 3! Definitely aged well, I must say. His coat looks extremely healthy, whatever you're doing keep doing it! Happy B-day, 'young' man!

(and watch him around the 'nip, you're just enabling his addiction. We don't want to have to do an intervention and send him to rehab! )
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Oh I love that pic of him in his bed, that should be in a magazine.

What a true sweetie pie Trent is I bet if it was up to him you would have a houseful of cats

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!
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Happy Birthday gorgeous boy
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Oh I love that pic of him in his bed, that should be in a magazine.
I've always loved that picture of him.

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Happy Birthday, Trent!
It's amazing how time flies by! He looks great. The kitties & I all wish him many happy returns!
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Oh, my, what a handsome guy! And what a little cutie he was, too.

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Happy, Happy Birthday Trent!!

Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Oh I love that pic of him in his bed, that should be in a magazine.
That's my absolute favourite pic of him. It's such a sweet picture.
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What a handsome boy he is..

Happy Birthday Trent, and many more happy returns......
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Trent and I both thank you very much for the compliments and birthday wishes. I love that picture of Trent in his bed too. I have to give credit to my husband for taking that picture. We had gotten Trent and Ophelia that bed for their Gotcha Day one year (it's just 4 days apart for them), and they wouldn't even look at it. It was mainly used as a place to put Trent's plethora of sparkle poms. But one day while I was at work and he was home, both of them got in the bed (at separate times) on their own! He not only documented it, but got amazing pictures of both of them.

Chris, I know...Pax :angel2: looked so much like baby Trent. Kitchi looks a bit more like Muddy at that age, but since Trent and Muddy looked and look so much alike, I know Kitchi will grow into a handsome boy like both of them have.
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Happpppy Biiiiiirthday Trent!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Those kitten pictures of Trent are just absolutely precious

Happy Birthday you gorgeous boy!
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I love that you called him baby boo, I think TCS needs a common cat term dictionary
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Heidi, I missed his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm glad I caught this thread - there are pics I haven't seen and they are ALL so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a totally gorgeous Boo-Bear - and I never realized WHAT a good big brother he is!

Happy Belated Birthday Trent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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