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The rest of my Crew

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I'm waiting for everyone to start calling me the "Crazy Cat Lady"...we have seven(!!) total cats, and two dogs, one is a schnauzer-shih tzu mix and the other is an english mastiff. My manager asked me the other day if I wanted two more cats... I said, please, no. She jokingly said she would put them on my back porch because she knew I would keep them. My husband says it's a good thing we're both animal lovers. I said we wouldn't have been married for twenty years if we weren't.

The rest of my crew..all have been adopted from a rescue or shelter of some sort.

The oldest, Halle at 12 years old

Lexi is 5

Marilyn is also 5

And the babies, or they were the babies, at 3


And Raven (I think that Kenna will give Raven a run for her money when he gets older...)
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Aw, your babies look so happy and healthy. They are really cute, too. I gotta admit, Raven is my favorite as I have a black Raven, too.
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They are gorgeous!!
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Aww, they're so pretty!

I love how Thea is in the 'Genever Pose', my cat sits like that all the time and just makes me laugh.
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They look a happy little bunch i'll say that much
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lovely pics! I used to have a black Lab named Raven
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What a stunning bunch of kitties you have

Originally Posted by Bazkitty View Post

Lexi is 5
But I have to say, Lexi is beautiful.
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