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Evening Walks

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Every night right before bed we take the dogs out for one last chance to empty their bladders. For the past week Sam our big boy kitty has been asking.....no...DEMANDING to go too. It doesn't matter where in the house he is, if he hears the leashes he's right there with the dogs clamoring to get leashed up too. It's pretty funny. The best part of this new love of going walking is it makes my autistic daughter actually want to go outside, she's a little agoraphobic and doesn't go out much at all, but she's willing to take Sam out for a walk almost every night. Pretty cool.
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Aww that's cool that your daughter is so attached to Sam!
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I am glad that you, your daughter and your cat can bond like that. But I'll bet you get some strange looks having the cat out for a walk!
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lol had to reply to your post- just brought my new kitty home prince, i was in a pet shop over here called pets at home and they sell cat leads in there. i keep telling my oh that im going to take him for walks as our dog alfie just doesnt do walking on a lead, he takes us for a walk more like. ive been told in no uncertain terms that i will not be doing that!!!
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That's great!
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Wow, that's great. I wish I could get one of my girls to take a walk with me.
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