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Kenzie-Kenna Pics

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Ok, I tried to get pics of them together...oh my, that was like trying to catch a fart in a windstorm!! One would stop running and the other wouldn't. I was ready to try velcro or something so that they would both stand still at the same time. I ended up with a lot of empty frames, too.


Kenzie on the her beloved cat tree...

Kenna says "Hi Jetta"

Well, at least they are both in this picture...

Success at last!! Thanks to my son and a straw!!
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They are both adorable! I especially like Kenna! I am sure that they will both keep you entertained and VERY busy!
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They are absolutely adorable! I so the last pic!!! They have that look in their eyes, loving little tyrants on your hands!
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Aw, they are such adorable cuties. My favorite is of Kenna facing down Jetta, but all the pics are great.
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They are cute buddies. Is Kenna older than Kenzie?
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Keena reminds me of my passed Hoots. Very cute.
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Originally Posted by Bazkitty View Post

Kenna says "Hi Jetta"
I iz big kitteh.... U no mess wif me, got it dawg?

LOVE em both.......adorable fuzzballs.
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