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New Laser pointer....

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So I saw this laser pointer, it is made by Frolicat. The laser pointer is called the Bolt. Well I just had to have it. So I bought it on Friday night, and the cats seem to like it well enough. I have to agree with the note on this site about the automatic setting....


But overall I'm happy with it. I'm not sure it was worth the $20 I paid, but it is much more comfortable to hold. Once you have it in the manual mode it does not require you to continue to hold the button down. I also believe I may save money over time on batteries. This one takes 4 AA, instead of 4 of the more expensive watch battaries required by the $3 laser pointer I previously owned. Any one else have one of these?
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I WISH I could get the cats something like this, but Ramsey fixates on laser toys and will NOT STOP playing with them. It's very cute, right up until he comes running at you, panting his little heart out, still wanting more.

Our laser pointer has been a good training aid for him, though. When he started to get into something he's not supposed to, or if he won't leave Cleo alone, all I have to do is jingle it and all his attention is on me.
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We have the same problem with our dogs, just the jingle of the keychain sets Madi off. We have to lock them up in the porch before we bring out the laser pointer or they never let the cats play!

We had the new kitten & our son (15 months) wiping around the living room yesterday, both chasing the laser - it was priceless!

That bolt thing looks like allot of fun though!! I can see us using it outside at night on the dogs (indoor tends to cause issues of running into large objects! ).
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Yesterday I set it up as I was leaving the house & it was great. They were preoccupied with the laser pointer instead of me leaving. I brought it with me today because I want to show it to the people at the cat shelter. I almost left it at home because Jordan was in one of his, I don't want you to leave moods. He will jump on my shoulder as I'm trying to leave, he will lay down in front of the door, whatever he can to do try to stop me from leaving. But eventually he just went to the cat tree & did his I'm going to roll around & be cute so you feel bad leaving me.

I have to add that I like the fact that I don't have to hold the button down the hole time I'm playing with them. Often my finger would tire before they did. Now I just push & hold the buttone for 3 seconds & then the light stays on.
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do your cats still like it? i saw this on the internet and youtube http://www.geardiary.com/2009/07/14/...-light-review/

How do you keep the laser out of kitty's eyes? I guess it moves around so fast that it's not a big issue?
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