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Collective name?

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I've heard people talk about their several cats as "the herd," "the gang," etc.

But this weekend, we came up for a group name for Ella, Punkin, and Sterling.

El PunkSter!
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Great name!!!!!
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Super cute! I call mine "the kids". Generic, but it works.
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El Punkster ! What an excellent (and mighty creative!) name!

I call my cats the Cattens more often than not. They're cats, but they're small and act like kittens. Besides, they're not even 2 years old yet. So, the Cattens is what works for us. Well, maybe not for them, but for me anyway .

Obviously, the Cattens isn't as innovative a name as El Punkster , so I decided to see if I could come up with some of my own collective kitty names. Here are the ones I came up with for my three girls, Cassidy, Delaney, and Emory (okay, not all of them -- I'm only sharing the good ones ):


And, yes, these are the good ones I came up with !
I think it'll be funny to see what other members can come up with for their groups of kitties. But, really, I think nothing can beat El Punkster at this point .
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El Punkster! Cute!

We just calll our cats "the boys".
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The dogs we call the kids, but since 2/3 of my cats were either feral or semi feral rescues I call them the colony.
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LMAO i love it!! What a great name.

We call them "The boys" we still do even with Bonnie in the equation LOL.
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El Punkster is great! I cannot even begin to think what I would call mine. I usually just say 'my guys' or even 'the family'.
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When I just had boy kitties, I used to call them "The Boys." Since adding Maggie, it's the kids or the cats. Sometimes the gang, or the crew.

I do have a new one for refering to just Levi & Jordan. I call them the OB's, as in original boys (You know instead of OG's for original gansters). I got them together after Smokey passed away, and refered to them as the boys first.
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Collectively, they're just the "babies".
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Thats really cute!
When I talk about them collectively, its definitely "my babies".
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For me, its "the boogers" or "the brats" They still get referred to as "the boys" a lot too, even though Cally is with us now. She tends to hide a lot still, so I'm usually just talking about Billy and Chay anyways.
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The proper term for a group of cats is a clowder.
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
The proper term for a group of cats is a clowder.
Leave it to another West Virginian to know that! I never even heard of the term until I moved here.

We just call our crew "the hellions" and that covers both feline and canine.
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Mine are usually just "the boys" but often "the buttheads" when they are acting up
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Originally Posted by iheartstrays View Post
Super cute! I call mine "the kids". Generic, but it works.
I call mine this too. Not so great when I slip and do it in front of strangers. they think I have three human kids. Than comes the explaining, embarassing!
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