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Did you.......

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name your kitten/cat after anything or anyone???

My new kitty Prince was so called because I bought him from the pet shop Paw Prince. Would love to find out where you get your names from. I have read some fantastic names so far!!
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I named a cat York - for actor Michael York. i also had a Nostradamus, and named several cats after celstial objects.
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Fred (RB) was named after Freddy Krueger because he had such huge claws that they never fully retracted.
Fluffy was named after Eric Cartman's (South Park) cat.
Scooter was named from a part in a Ron White comedy bit.
Pearl was named after Janis Joplin's alter ego, Pearl.
Leo (RB) was named for Leo Fender, world famous guitar builder, when we discovered they shared a birthday, both of them were Leos according to the date, and when I opened a cat book to find out what to do with such a young baby, it opened to Leonardo Da Vinci's quote "the smallest feline is a masterpiece." He just could not have had a different name.
Webb (RB) was named for Webb Wilder, the last of the full grown men.
There are others, but I am sure I have bored y'all enough.
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Except for two that came with their own name, and I didn't feel like changing them, I have always used precious and semi-precious stones for my cats. My current two are Diamond and Sapphire. I have also had a Topaz, Jade and Onyx among others.
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Jimmy (my dog) is named after James Dean/James Stewart
Arthur after King Arthur
Nermal and Garfield from the comic
Chester from A Cricket In Times Square
Ruby after Barbara Stanwyck, who's real name was Ruby Stevens
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We named all of our furbabies after gangsters because that’s the only way my boyfriend would have gotten them. If it was up to me their names would have been:
Capone = Mr. Baloney
Bruno = MuffinFace
Bugsy = Spazy
Bonnie = Princess Boogers

We named Capone after the movie Scarface since we watched it right before we got him and the rest just sort of went from that.

I still like my names better LOL
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Alafair was named by my mom after Alafair Burke

and yes, Jason was named after the Friday the 13th killer. I adopted him on Friday, February the 13th, and I took my brother to see the remake of the movie the day before I went and actually picked him up. Still having come up with no name for the kitten, I decided that he was Jason when I got him
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