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Daily Thread Monday July 27th

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Welp, we are getting out keys this Thursday for the new place! I am so excited, I am going to pick them up on my lunch Won't get much done on lunch, but am too excited to wait!

It will be another rainy and stormy day today. Bleh.

My cube mate is on holidays so I will be pretty bored this week at work.Well bored and busy as heck doing her work too. to shower in a bit.

Have a good one folks!
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Shelter day today, at our new shelter building!

We have a dedicated kitty play room. I told them we need a papasan chair in there; I'm getting too old to sit on the floor!
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Possible chance of rain again today. Only about 20 or 21 degrees Celsius today too.

I took another LOA from work today. I'm due for vacation on Thursday and I'm just feeling so run down. The ward is very quiet right now and I'd rather be at home doing things productive than sitting around at work waiting twiddling my thumbs thinking of things I can be doing at home. I'll be short 2 days of pay next payday, but I'm ok with that.

As for what I have planned for today? I seriously need to do my bedding and top up the water in my water bed bladder. And I need to go through some drawers and closets. I'm in a mood to get rid of clutter and things I haven't touched or worn in a year or more.
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Yet another dreary day today

I think I'm finally starting to mend from the "whatever" (cold/virus/etc) I have... still quite achey, but it doesn't help that Sat. night I got an hour of sleep, Sunday was broken sleep..... Hopefully tonight is better

Not much on the agenda...I may go for a walk later..... I really need to get more exercise...... a store was having a sale on Webkinz, I might stop there and see if its still going on.

Aside from that, I might get my graphics tablet out and get some design work done

Happy Monday folks, have a great day.
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Morning everyone!

I'm on vacation this week! I slept in a little bit, and then got up and watched some TV and played on the computer. Hoping to get a little done around the apartment. I have a bunch of phone calls to make and some other things. I'm in the middle of reading Twilight too, so I'm hoping to finish that in a couple days too as it's really good! I need to work out too, but I have an extremely bad sunburn on the back of both of my legs, so it's hard to do anything without them hurting real bad. So maybe just resting is in order.

Have a good day everyone!
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Morning All!!!

It is another rainy day here as well.

Have a few errands to run this morning so am off to do that shortly. May stop by the library for a bit to see if they have any interesting presentations coming up.

Other then that just the usual stuff. Need to get some laundry started this afternoon. I also should clean my oven but not sure whether I will do that today or not.

The kitties are sleeping guess they don't like the rainy weather either.

Everyone have a great day
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Short work week for me, yay! Will exercise after work tonight. Hopefully the kitties do not get the idea destroy my new comfy couch. I put the sticky tape on the corners and trimmed their nails last night (it was their 1st time and they did great!) as I don't want to shell out $$ for softpaws at the moment.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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Morning... bosses are out today so I'm on my own at the office. Boring, but I did bring some stuff I needed to get sorted through, so I can be somewhat productive. At least personally productive, if not work-related. Have to go to the post office after work, and then I'm planning on making a big fresh tossed salad for dinner tonight with some veggies we got from the farmers market yesterday. Yum!

Have a good day everyone, stay cool, or dry, or whatever the weather is where you are.
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