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Top Cat gets neutered tomorrow

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Either they didn't send me a reminder call or I missed it, so I have a question. For food most vets recommend at least not feeding past midnight, so no overnight feeding for him (he usually gets a feeding around 11pm when he gets 'put to bed' in mom's room so that Luna won't steal his food). But what about water? Should I leave him some water overnight?
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I believe it's the same concept as why humans cannot eat 24 hours prior to a major surgery.

Simply because a full belly and being knocked out could cause them to throw up and aspirate on their vomit.

I'm not sure if the reasons are indeed the same, but either way I am sure water wouldn't hurt in the least.
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Water is ok.
My Sasha was spayed last feb and they said she could have water but no food after midnight.
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Yep the girls were just done two weeks ago and they could have water.

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I'm not sure water is Ok. I remember when we had our dog spayed we had to keep her from drinking as well, they told us to be positive we closed the bathroom door to keep her from drinking from the toilet so I remember vividly!

I believe for our kitten we did the same. It's probably better to be safe then sorry and keep him from drinking as well. GL!

Actually now that I think about it, our puppy had to have a bladder test done so that was probably why they wanted us to keep her from drinking! Ignore me...
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Top Cat is home and doing fine. He also weighs 6.2 pounds (he turned five months today). When I got him in April he weighed only 1.2 pounds. The cute ones grow up quickly.
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He will always be cute to me not matter what age he is.
I am glad everything went well.
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