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Please Thank A Soldier Today!

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We just got home a few hours ago (waiting in line for 2 hrs) for the viewing of a young man in our little town. He was just 20 yrs old! He had gone over to Iraq in January.

He was one of the 3 young men that was recent killed from Minnesota where a rocket hit their tent. There were 4 men in the tent - one survived and is in a local hospital. The funerals for the other ones were Friday and Saturday and the last one tomorrow.

There must have been (or will be) over 1,000 people paying their respects to a young man - many of them (including us) did not even know him! But the outpouring of support and the service vets lining 2 blocks on both sides of the church with American flags was very very emotional!

On Monday, the governer of MN and an army general are among those expected at the final service and burial. We know there will be more then the ones from a few towns nearby - expecting well over 1500 people to be there.

So PLEASE whenever you get the chance; no matter where you see a service man or woman - THANK THEM FOR THE SERVICE THEY ARE PROVIDING TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY.
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Oh it's all so sad.
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I have a cousin and friend over there, now. I thank and think of them almost every day.

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I have the upmost respect for the military. My dad, my husband, and many of my friends have served and I know I couldn't do what they did and what they now do.

In my job, I deal with federal employes (which includes the military) and I get a few calls a week from someone serving in Iraq or Afganastan. If I know it's someone over there, I give the required closing.."thank you for calling *** but I add "stay safe, and thank you.". Sometimes I get a "yeah, whatever" replay...which is fine. Other times there is a pause. Then a "You're welcome. Thank you"
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