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Pepper will be 14 weeks tomorrow, she is a long hair, but at this point isn't even shedding--although she is combed many times a week. Apparently Friday late morning she puked up a hairball. I'm concerned since she is so young.

She does have two long hair older brothers--and I often find her with a mouthful of Harley's fur--which I remove and throw away--she is fascinated with his fluffy tail! But neither brother groom her at this point.

Of the two older males I have only one deals with hairballs and he's only thrown up one, and really hasn't had any trouble since.

Should I be worried with her so young? Is it time to mix a little hairball kibble in with their meals? The boys only get a tablespoon of dry a day and rest wet, she gets about a 5.5 oz can of wet food a day plus all the dry she can eat (they eat taste of the wild dry).