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Re-introducing sister cats.

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I have a 10 year old black cat, and my daughter has her sister. Although the sister has always been well adjusted, mine (Baby) has not. She wants nothing to do with anyone but me, and has never been at all that cuddly and loving even with me. Poor thing acts like she has been mistreated at some point - although, from the moment of her birth (litter was born in our basement) she has been showered with love and affection!

My problem is that when she was about 2, I started having throat issues caused by post-nasal-drip, and over the years it has gotten increasingly worse. I have now come to the point that I have to take some action to get some relief!

My daughter is willing to take her, but we are very concerned about her adjusting to such a change and being re-introduced to her sister.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the best way go about making that kind of transition. We're willing to try just about anything, including maybe putting her on tranquilizers to help her make the adjustment.

Any words of wisdom?? Thanks.
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I'm sorry you're having to give up your kitty. I would treat them as if they were total strangers, doing a slow introduction. There is a good article here plus if you do a search of the forums you'll find a number of threads about introducing cats. Good luck with the introductions.
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Thanks very much. Read article, and will certainly put it to use. Will also research as you suggested. Thanks again.
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