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Who knows how long the poor thing suffered? She's got a lot of catch-up to do!
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I am so happy for you and for Olivia!! She looks so much better already. My sister has a little feral kitten, she is just starting to play after a week of just lying around. That is a good sign that they are feeling better.
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Is the ringworm or whatever clearing up?
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Looks like a lot of new hair growing back in, we won't recognize her in another month!
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She's still got bald spots, and sore spots--you can't see them, they're on her legs and belly--but she's doing better. What's more encouraging to me than new fur (which she seems to be getting some of) is the way that her skin is starting to be pink, not red, and when you pet her she feels soft, like a cat should, instead of rough and scabby and you're scare you'll hurt her.

Oh, and I know for a fact she reacts to catnip. Lick, lick, lick, and then she lies down in it like she's claiming it. Silly thing!

Does it make sense that she might have been mourning her old owner's dumping her? I mean, sure, he was a jerk to her, but most likely it is the only home she had ever known...
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OMG - what an improvement! yaaaayyyy!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post

Does it make sense that she might have been mourning her old owner's dumping her? I mean, sure, he was a jerk to her, but most likely it is the only home she had ever known...
I don't see why not, she didn't know that he was a jerk, it was all she'd ever known. I took one of my dogs from a situation of horrible neglect, but until they moved away he would still go straight to his old house if he got loose.
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Oh, they mourn. One of my foster boys wandered around my house for days, crying and looking for someone... or something.... It made me very sad. He's come around, tho'.
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It's funny, I almost feel like I am trying to raise a kitten--she constantly demands attention, she's socially clumsy (no, shy Christy does not want to play, and Livvy doesn't get it!), she runs around the room like she's got the kitten crazies, pounces on things as though she's never seen a dangling bedsheet before, doesn't know how to wait for treats or how to play with toys or anything. She begs for food but she does it when her bowl's full or empty, either one, like she doesn't get that the bowl gets filled when it's empty, not when it's full... Like she never learned to be a cat or something. Oh, and for some reason she's intrigued by the fact that my desk is transparent, and she can see my fingers typing through the top but can't touch them. Surely she's encountered windows before!
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You sound like you're describing some adopted children I've heard of.

We see it all the time at the shelter. Cats come in who have been kept by people, but seem to have had no experiences during that time.
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Your are an angel for taking her in!

She sounds so sweet.
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I think it's called "cat lover can't resist crying cat"...

Check this out! Such a cute picture--she's lying on top of my computer monitor enjoying the warmth...

Livvy has been acting like a hyper kitten, running back and forth, pouncing on all and sundry... Christy officially hates her, so she's glad that Livvy is still in the kitchen most of the time! Here's hoping the kitten thing dies down a bit, or she finds out that toys can be played with even when you are not being encouraged to do so by a meddling human female
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I really wish that you'd stop abusing that cat!
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You have done a wonderful job fixing her up. She may not be 100% yet, but the difference in her photos is amazing. She looks like he is in 7th heaven on top of you computer monitor.
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Olivia update

Olivia was well enough to move to the no-kill shelter about six weeks after I first rescued her. She was spayed soon after, and the ominous lumps started shrinking. The vet says she probably had inflamed lymph nodes or something along those lines, because as soon as she stopped constantly going into heat, the lumps vanished!

She stays is in a room with five other cats at the shelter; she wants to rule the roost, and is quick to smack another cat if they get out of line! She is also enamored of the computer (this particular room contains the computer where they set up Petfinder profiles and such) and will "help" anybody who happens to be using it.

Her fur has grown back and she has filled out to probably about nine pounds, the normal weight for a cat her size. She's very pretty, and she'd make anybody a great cat, with two requirements: She gets freaked out by the shelter dogs, so no dogs. And two, she wants a big, covered litter pan, otherwise she'll drape her butt over the edge! She's up for adoption now.

At her last appointment, the vet did not believe it was the same cat! See for yourself.

If you compare that to the picture on the first page, which I took soon after I found her... wow, you wouldn't think she was the same cat either.

Anybody in the market for a cute, bossy little black-and-white kitty?

Olivia's Petfinder page:
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Oh, what a pretty girl! I would not have recognized her!
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LOOK AT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful, wonderful thing you did for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet the vet didn't recognize her!

...and I love her petfinder page!

she finds a great furrever home soon!
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My, what a pretty girl she is. Sending lots of for a wonderful home for her.
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Wow. What a transformation! She's such a beautiful girl. Bless you for coming to her aid. Sending many vibes for her quick adoption to a wonderful home.
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Wow! She looks gorgeous! She's lucky to have been found by the right person.
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I just read this whole thread from start to finish.

Wow. What a wonderful story, for the evening right before Thanksgiving.

She is a beautiful little lady. You are an angel for saving her.

Off to bake cookies now, with happy kitty thoughts on my mind.
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What a beautiful cat she became!
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It's amazing how well their fur can grow back with plenty of TLC. I hope she can find a home soon.

I had one that I took in that had nearly bald inner thighs, some sores on her chest (she'd pull fur out), and EGC looking sores on her head. DH said she looked like leprosy cat and wouldn't touch her until the scabs healed. Now she's soft as satin and much of the bald spots filled back in. I'm wondering now if maybe she belonged to the elderly lady that lived two houses down and went into nursing care around the same time we moved into our house.
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Wow! I can't beleive it's the same cat! What a pretty girl.
Sending her lots of taht she finds her forever home soon.
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Wow, she looks just wonderful.

Great job, you are an amazing person..this kitty owes her life to you
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I just read this whole story from start to finish.

I have to say thank you for helping out this kitty! She is beautiful and I'm so glad she recovered under your TLC.

These are for Olivia so she can find a good home soon because she is so beautiful.
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