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my little isadora

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all my life I wanted a black cat and then the perfect one walks into my life. Covered in ticks just like moe and neo. I was so sure she would be with us for a very long time, and now she is gone. I lost my black kitty on Friday the 13th. Seems to movie like to be true. When I walked in the room I knew she was gone before I even looked at her. The room felt so empty. She was just at the vet, why didn't they see this coming. Why did the tell me to force feed her. This hurts so bad. I'm trying to calm myself down by writting my thoughts but I just can't get her out of my mind. She purred so sweet and even let me cut her nails. I don't think I will ever have a black kitty again. The last time I was supposed to get a black cat a dog we were rescueing went into sezuires and past away. I miss her, i miss what could have been. I would have loved her just as much if she was all white or orange, but she was extra speical...my reward for all my hard work with the cats. And now, she is gone. Maybe I will save another kitty in need, I don't think that will fill the void though. I don't think I will ever be able to trust my vet again. I'm scared to death moe and neo might have caught something from her, but my vet says no...but what does he know. He said guarded condition. And today is my brothers 18th birthday...so i know I will never forget this date as long as I live.
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ohh honey I am so sorry..I wish there was something I could say to take your pain away...Just know we are all here for you while you are grieving ok? we love you and we know you did you best to take care of Isadora, but maybe it was just the way things were suppose to be....I am sure she knew your love towards her,,((((hugs)))))
I love ya, and I am here for you ok?
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With concern in your heart and good intentions leading the way, you brought this kitten out of the wild and gave her a home, a lot of love and allowed her to feel for the first time that someone cared.

It is very possible, highly likely that even with a vet who knew about hemobart and cytauxzoonosis that she was just to little, to weakened and hadn't had the advantage of mom's milk and antibodies, and this just weakened her more. Had you not found her when you did, her time would of been shortened to an even greater extent and she would of died not knowing there was kindness that existed in her world. She died knowing love and warmth. You did that for her, you did what you could.
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Val, my heart is breaking for you. You gave her a home and love, which are things she likely never knew before she met you. You gave her more in that short while than she ever had before. Not only are you a kitty angel, you now have an angel kitty to look after you.
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Don't give up Val, a time will come when you will get your black kitty that you will be able to keep. No, that void won't be filled. It will heal, it will scab over, but it doubtfully will ever be filled and well these things are never forgotten either. It is all the harder when they happen on special events...(my grandpa died on my best-friend's birthday, and I will always associate the two together).

Take some time to mourn. If you don't trust your vet go to another one to check out Moe and Neo, but if the second vet says they're okay I would try to be satisfied with that so you aren't putting either you or your cats through any additional stress. *hugs*
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I am so so sorry. I know this is a cliche a bit but...at least she had you while she was here, and I don mean that. She had love and I'm sure she felt how much you loved her.
Please don't give up on your wish for a black cat, Isadora can't be replaced, but she wouldn't want you to have such bad vibes remaining, tainting your time together.

It's your time to grieve now, but maybe one day!

Much love to you
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I am so very sorry about Isadora. I was checking the board all day yesterday hoping for some good news, and I was so sorry to see this message this morning. You and your husband will be in my thoughts. I admire your greatly for your generous heart when it comes to cats, and Isadora was fortunate to feel loved and wanted in her home with you. I know you will miss her greatly.
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You showed her what a good home was and showed her what unconditional love was and that it existed for her. I know you are grieving now but don't give up hope. There will be a day far from now that a black kitty will come your way again.

I wish I knew what to say or do to remove the pain that you are feeling. You and your family are in my warmest thoughts.
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I'm so sorry Val.

Know that she felt safe and secure with you. I have read than an ill cat will regress almost into kittenhood, but only with someone they really trust. It sounds as if Isodora was doing that, allowing you to "groom" her, purring whilst you clipped her nails, thus making you her surrogate mother.
Bless you for taking her in.
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Sending you strength and peacful vibes from Ca to ease your pain.
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I have been so good with "handling" everything, but for some reason it just hit me today that I really miss her. Maybe because all the cats are playing together right now, and there should be one more she really was all black even her lips were black...she was kinda a funny looking kitty I guess. i was just looking at the few pics I have
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Val, I miss her too, and I never met her!
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Val, I merged the two threads for you so everyone can see how pretty she was.
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She was beautiful Val!
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Val, I knew about Isadora's death from the Cat Lounge, but didn't realize you'd posted here. Poor things! (Both you and Isadora). She was beautiful!

Unfortunately, Val, this is going to become a part of your life. As MA put it so aptly in her post about the Orange Cyclone in the Feral Colonies forum The Day of the Orange Cyclone

"I know sometimes God brings them here just to die, and if that is the case, I will only be able to bring it to him quicker and easier based on what the vet finds."

As MA put it, sometimes these things are very hard to diagnose. And when they're so young, sometimes there is just nothing to do.

But she died knowing love, Val, and that is what is most important.

More will come to you, Val, and some of them will be just to die with you. I know how hard it will be for you. But it seems your heart is big enough for this, too. The kitties certainly think so. I pray for your strength in what I hope will be your many kitty-rescuing years to come.


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