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Gotta See This

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I know they're not cats but I found this while tooling around the net looking for all things good. Go to this forum and scroll down till you see the thread "In MY Backyard" Truly amazing!
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Wow! I wouldn't want to leave my home if I had all that in my back yard! I'd be glued to the window waiting for the next animal to pass through! Those bears are amazing! And the ones in the kids pool are so funny!!! I guess if your butt is cold, the rest of you is too!
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Wow! Great pics! Better than TV!
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If you read the whole post there's a storyline that go with the bears. She has a lot more pics tword the end. I especially like the part where she and her dog are hiking in the woods and find a rotten deer leg and her missing garden tools buried in the same hole. The Mrs. and I are building in rural Maine. I have had thoughts of digging out some dens like she did in hopes of attracting some of the bobcats I have seen on the hill.
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Wow ....... I read the whole story. That is just amazing! What an experience to have had. I wish she would update. I didnt see an update since April. She said the boys would go on their own in June. I wonder if that happened. I wonder if Flower is still there...
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Wow, that's amazing! So sweet that one bear adopted the other's orphaned cub. Nice to know there are so many people out there that try to live with the nature they've plonked themselves in the middle of, instead of trying to exterminate it.
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I had a chance to scroll through the thread and read each of her updates and check out the additional pictures.

By the time I was through I was crying happy tears! She really should commit that to a novel!
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Wow, that's really cool! Altough, I have to admit, that would make me a wee bit nervous having bears that close to my house...
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