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Ran across some pics of Ginger and her sister Cindy when they still both lived with me, at a friends house (Cindy lives in a different home now, not my choice, very long story) I appologize for the poor quality of some of the pics, not the greatest camera.
Anywhoo, introducing, Miss Cindy!

(Yes that is a flea collar, and yes, it did come off as soon as I told her person they were bad)

Hey, that's gonna leave a mark!!

Im not done, yet, get back here!
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Time for sleep now

Ah, got the chair all to myself!

Cindy posing with a friend
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And though the contest is over,

Cindy in a bag

Ginger in the hamper. What, you don't hang out in the hamper???

That sharp scary metal object was usually covered by lots of fabric, I took it off to snap the pic.
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Wow. Ginger and Cindy are both very lovely girls. I love their color combinations.
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Great pics of 2 very beautiful cats.

Originally Posted by Trillcat View Post

Cindy posing with a friend
She looks so impressed
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Those are two of the most gorgeous calicos I have ever seen!
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Originally Posted by myfamiliars View Post
Wow. Ginger and Cindy are both very lovely girls. I love their color combinations.

Me too!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Those are two of the most gorgeous calicos I have ever seen!
Aren't they are just beeeutiful! (Of couse, I am quite biased!)
Their father was what was described to me as a golden meduim hair tabby, don't really know, never saw him, not even in pics. The mother was a medium hair tuxedo (her I saw in pics) Both cats, then the litter of three were owned by a nasty woman I hate. Their other sister, a pure black cat named Coco, ended up in a shelter for reasons I am still unclear about.
The two sisters went to a neighbor of mine when horrible lady had to move and couldn't take them. (not the reason I hate her) He could not handle Ginger and was terrified of her, she was not socolized due to her more passive sister Cindy gtting all the attention and her getting none, except negative. I took her in. Spent many, many, many hours working with her. She is a good cat! Just no one could see past the ball of claws and teeth she was at the time!
I Got evicted due to financial problems and ended up moving in with the neighbor for about 3 months or so. I took care of both cats while there, he didn't do much, but Cindy did love her daddy, I will say that, and he was never mean to her. Ginger, well, he had hit her before, in my presence I might add AFTER she became my cat, in my home. He is very, very lucky I am not a violent person! He was OK with her after we moved in. He is not a delibratly mean person, but he is mildly retarted, and acts very impulsivly sometimes (due to his upbringing, a whole other story, It wasn't good)
Anyway, I could not live in the situation anymore with him and his disabled mom, it was too much. He drank a lot, didn't take proper care of his mom, just a whole bad situation. When I moved back here to WI, I had to leave Cindy behind. It broke my heart like you would not believe! He would not let me take her, it was his cat, there was nothing I could do. I though about just taking her regardless, but that was not possible I spent many, many sleepless night filled with worry for her. (not to mention for his mother!) Not that he would hurt either of them outright, but beer was more important than buying food and stuff. This was in April I moved.
Flash forward to today.
I thought he got evicted, he moved into the home whre horrible lady and her friend live, bringing Cindy with. His Mom is now in a nursing home. Turns out he was just there for a visit, an extended one (he has trouble dealing with stressful situations, and I think his Mom going into the home really messed him up) He has since got himslef kicked out of there for overstaying his welcome and being drunk all the time. He went back to IL, Cindy is still there with them.
Now, though horrible lady is there, her friend who lives with her is about as close to an angel walking on earth you will ever meet. She has the most beautiful soul of anyone I have ever met. After finding out he was back in IL, I called her and talked to her for about 2 hours. ( I had met her before in person, many times) I would trust this woman with my life, so I feel reassured she will take very good care of Cindy, even though horrible woman is there. The problem here though is the angel has many health problems, so through our conversation we decided I am the back up if anything becomes too stressful for her to contine to care for Cindy. We were both relieved!
So for now, Cindy is safe, and Ginger who has remained with me is the queen of the place! I miss Cindy though, and would love to see the sisters back together! Angel lady's health issues are not something that can be cured, there will come a day I will have Cindy back, but under circumstances that will be very, very sad.
That was I bit longer of a post than I intended! Sorry!
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Awwww! They look like they complete each other, not only in , but they blend right in with each other! So sorry for the situation, but atleast the girls are being loved.
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Somehow, I have duplicate poses in my camera - of course, different cats - but same cuteness with these delightful creatures.
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