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Daily Thread Sunday July 26th...

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Morning All!!!

Well I seem to be the first one here this morning so I guess I will start the thread...
Raining here still, hopefully it will clear up later today things are starting to get just a bit soggy.

Not a whole lot planned for today, a few chores, litter boxes, a couple loads of laundry and tidying up the bathroom.

Other then that just going to putter at the computer, I owe my sister in B.C. an email and watching some tv. The Cleaner is on A&E a couple times this afternoon and that a fairly good show....Benjamin Bratt is soooooooo cute.

The kitties are annoyed because it is to chilly to have the windows open so they have went back to bed. Lazy kitties.

Everyone have a great day.
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Yawn, got woken by a big thunderstorm this morning. Suppose I can't complain as it was 10am... This weekend has gone by way too quickly!
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I have to spend some time in the yard today. I'll be cleaning the pool and weeding the garden. My tomatoes are the only thing that survive the flood in the spring, but they're doing really, really well. I'm going to have way too many of them very soon.
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Good morning/early afternoon!

I slept until 10 this morning which was absolutely wonderful. I can't remember the last time I slept that late!

Got woken up by the BF calling asking when I was going to be coming down to Mansfield. His family has been in town for about a week and they'll be leaving in the AM so I'm going to go spend some time with them.

Not sure when I'm going to get on the road though (it's about a 40min trip). It's storming pretty bad right now. Looks like the front is heading south pretty quickly and there's a big gap until the next one comes, so hopefully it's clear up in about an hour.

Have to go up to work tonight to medicate and feed the kitties. And maybe this storm will have stressed our pregnant foster just enough to have kick started her labor. I could have sworn she would have had them yesterday! Ultrasound reveals they're pretty big and look fully developed. She's been getting very very fidgety since Thursday evening and keeps moving everything around in her cage. She's also lost interest in her food. No vaginal discharge as of Friday evening but her nipples and very very swollen and I can feel the little ones moving. Here's hoping! I want babies, .

Anyway, that's what my day looks like! Hope everybody enjoys their Sunday!
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Oh heck, I wish it was to cool to open windows here but I have the opposite problem. The windows are closed since I have the a/c going, it is so hot and humid here, I much rather have the cold any day.
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We are going to see Josh's grandma in a bit...and going to see a desk thats for sale for Josh.

We also need groceries I love food!
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Good Morning! I am off to work, not sure how long, however it takes to do the fact books. Went to the barn. Im worried about my June Bug as she is sick and the vet isnt open until tomorrow
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Hello All!!

Well mother nature even gave me a birthday present of some much needed rain. Need lots more its great to get more than a few drops!

Opened presents from parents ($$) and sister (spa stuff and garden stuff and a couple vases). From Neil I picked out some plants (only 4), some funky solar lights and beauty stuff.

Went to our local Art in the Park and bought a funky stained glass cat! Then a much needed tripod garden sprinkler and the new Wii Sports Resort.

Ate lunch out at local restaurant that makes really good burgers.

Enjoying a book and drinking a Summer Hummer.

Its rained a couple of times briefly and is starting again-YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I do have to pick raspberries and cherries for the desserts I'm taking to work tomorrow sometime yet today.

All and all a good birthday.
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