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Help dead kittens?

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Hello My friends and my bengal cat is over 9 weeks pregnant and has started to show some weird signs. First off he nipples have turned from deep pink back to white and have gotten smaller. Second I can no longer see the kittens move inside of her. Does this me she has dead kittens inside of her? I can still feel something inside of her. She is going to the vet on monday but I just wondered if you think there is any chance of the kittens still being alive?


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Do you have an emergency vet you could possibly take her too?

It's very worrisome that you can no longer feel the babies move. I've never had a pregnant cat so I don't know if this is normal or not.

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The last 2 days or so of my Mao's pregnancy, I couldn't feel her babies move, but she was pregnant with 7, so I think there just wasn't any room for them to wiggle. Also, her nipples never turned dark, nor did she lose any hair around them until AFTER she'd been nursing for a couple days. Her milk did not come in until after a few of her babies had been born. She really didn't follow any of the "norms", but then again, after delivery, she got very sick and needed an emergency spay, so I wished I HAD taken her in before or during labor. So to make an example out of my story, I'd recommend you give the vet a call.
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ANy updates on this kitty?
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The vet told me that all babies are still alive as far as he can tell and everything is ok and that she should have them soon
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Great news! keep us updated!
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SO HAPPY to hear! Keep us updated!
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That's so good! I can't wait to hear about the new litter. Hugs and that everything continues to go well.
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