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I have a problem..please help

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Hello all, I am new here but am in need of some advice.

I have a problem. I have a female cat named Kiki who is 5, she is special, just too cute but is a bit skittish. 2 yrs ago I introduced a new kitten (pixie) and I did the proper introduction but since that day she constantly hisses, growls, and swats at Pixie whenever she goes near her. Kiki has no problem with her older brother nor did she have an issue with her older sister who passed away a yr ago. I just introduced a new kitty (Merlin) and she is doing the same thing with him. This is an issue. She is first very playful and friendly with the new comers but then after 4 days she becomes mean. Merlin just came home from his fixing and declawing and she is so mean to him, hissing at everyone and just plain ole unhappy. I have no idea what to do about her behaviour, I have continued to show her love, attention, and affection and it doesn't matter. I have tried squirting her with water when she acts out and that doesn't work. I have never seen this type of behaviour last with a cat upon introduction to newbies for more than 2 weeks, it's been 2 yrs with one cat and over a month with another? Has anyone got any advice?
Kiki never had any issues until we introduced Pixie and she continues with the defense even with the new kitten.
If there are people who have issues with declawing please don't be judgemental, I am here to chat and help but not be barked at.

thank you
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Did you try with a Feliway-diffuser?

I think Feliway may help here... Both her, but also the other cats she is mobbing.

Good luck!
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Your declawed kitten is stressed and in pain and that changes the signature scent. You have to neutralize the scent on the cats so they smell the same. Buy some vanilla extract (not the imitation kind) and put a few dabs on each of the cats in three spots- under the chin, the neck and the base of the tail. Do this several times a day. Any time a cat returns from a vet visit that is stressful, it doesn't smell the same as when it left thus making resident cats think you are bringing home a brand new cat.
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Because you've already done the intros, ignore that part, but there is advice on how to help cats get along in this thread:


...the scent swapping, Feliway, and vertical space are key.

"If there are people who have issues with declawing please don't be judgemental, I am here to chat and help but not be barked at."

I am not barking, just pointing out the TCS rule number 3:

Originally Posted by TCS rule #3
3. This website considers declawing a drastic way to curb cat behavior. A painful ordeal for your kitty we would suggest that declawing never be considered for any behavioral issue. Health issues are entirely different. It is up to you as a responsible pet owner to explore all the different options available instead of declawing. Your cat is dependant on you to make wise choices for her, and not put her into any more stress or discomfort. Please be a responsible pet owner and research this subject thoroughly. Understand that if you are pro-declaw in your posts, you will encounter opposition. Please learn more about alternatives for declawing here in our forums as well as on our website itself. Declaw - More than Just a Manicure. Hopefully those of you with claw-related problems will find solutions by spending time in our Behavior Forum.
If you would like to learn more about the issues and facts as relate to declawing in order to make a more informed decision in the future, this is a very informative thread (in addition to the link provided in the rule): http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...=180925&page=3

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I've had a few cats that simply did not like other cats and wanted to be an "only" cat - queen of the house. Sometimes its better not to bring in other companions.

Sounds like your older female would just prefer to be an only cat (even if you would like to have others). So you have to make the decision whether to rehome the kittens you've brought in.
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