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no, no no no no no!!!!!! It's not fair, it's just not fair!! she is just a kitten. Can't type, i think i'm to be sick. I just didn't have enough time.
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What happened Val???? Please try and calm down hon!! ((((hugs)))
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she is not breathing. I can't hear a heart beat. I can't do this, this can't be happening.
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I don't think Val can calm down. I would hazard a guess that Isadora is gone. I hope I am wrong- but I don't think I am. Val I am supremely sorry. You are in my thoughts. What she had was quite fatal. Your vet probably did not know enough to save her. I am again so sorry-
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I'm just trying to be helpful....((((hugs to you Val))))
We are all here for you!!!
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she is gone. its not fair. I'm here alone and she is gone. I only three pics of her. She was supposed to get better. I'm suppossed to be able to save them. She is just a baby. my only black cat. I need to lay down and rich needs to get home.
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Even at the vets I doubt she would of made it. This disease she has that is carried by the ticks is claiming feline lives in the United States. You did what you could, you took her out of the wild and gave her love and attention. I know you want to save them all, so do I, but sometimes we can't. Sometimes, it is just out of our hands.

I am again so sorry for your loss. At least she died knowing love.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. I hav been following this little angel's story since you found her. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so sorry :angel4:
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Val I am SO SO SO sorry, could you not call someone to be with you, you shouldn't be alone. My heart is with you.

I wish I could say something more, but I know it wouldn't really help right now, all I will say is that I'm sure she is now a little beautiful angel, happy after all the love and care you've given her

All my love
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Val, I am so sorry you lost your kitty. You and your hubby fought hard to save her and I'm sure she knows that. You have surely earned your kitty angel wings and are a wonderful furmom. Please take care of yourself and surround yourself with love.
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I am so so so sorry Val! You did everything you could for her and she was lucky to find you, that really care for her!
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Val, I am soooooooo sorry.

I know you are overwhelmed right now and that No matter what we say I know we can't ease your pain. Just remember your other babies need you too. Heads up!! You and hubby did everything possible for her - trust me she knew that!! She will always look down on you from heaven and know how much you loved her.

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Oh, no, Im just reading all this (I wasn't around much)! Val, I am sooooo sorry for your loss!!! Im sending (((hugs))), and I hope you will feel better soon. I wish there was something I could do or say to help... my thoughts are with you.
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Oh Val, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been following the progress reports of this little one. I'm crying right along with you.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Val. I know how much finally getting your black kitty meant to you and how much you loved her. I'm sure Isadora knew how much you cared for her as well, and at least she had you looking after her while she was here.
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I'm so sorry, I know exactly what you are going through. I had adopted a kitten and I only had him for six weeks and found out he had intestinal tumors. I lost him too.

We are all here to help.
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Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your baby. She did know that you loved her, sometimes things are beyond our ability to help. I know you did what you could to make her time with you special.
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So sorry for your little one crossing the bridge. Just hold her and tell her good bye. We know you did all you could, and so does she.
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I'm so sorry. She was very lucky to have you and your husband to look after her. She was loved and she knew she was loved. You did everything you could. I know people say I know how you feel and dont, but I do and I know how much you are hurting, after we lost Chip, I felt the same way. Please know that your in my thoughts and prayers and Isadora is too.
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Oh gods, Val, I am so incredibly sorry....
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Sweetie, I am so sorry! You did the best you could. At least she had you to love and care for her during her final days.
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I wish there were words to heal the pain, but there never is.

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Oh my Goodness, I was away for a few days, and missed this. Val, honey, I am sooooo sorry. You're right it isn't fair. I'm praying for you, and your precious baby. She'll be waiting for you at the bridge, and what a joyous reunion that will be.

You're a wonderful person and a true Kitty Angel. Please don't blame yourself. *BIG HUGS*

I am so very sorry hon.
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Val, I am so sorry! (((HUGS)))
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I am deeply sorry for your loss, I don`t know what to say, except that I feel for you. Linda
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Awwwww Val I'm ever so so so sorry! I knew how much you loved that black kitty!

Hang in there

Loving you bunches!!! {{{HUGS}}} , Love Sam From Sam, xxxxxxxxxxxx
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I am so sorry! I know how much you loved her!
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