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Pandy needs vibes

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I'll try to keep this as brief as possible:

Pandora is the kitty I've had the longest at this point and is also the sister Of Antigone who I lost last August. She is also the main reason why Eileen and I became friends, so she has a very special place in my heart

Wednesday evening I noticed she was camping out in my coffee table, it's a chest-like one, and the cats like to go in there and hide. I figured maybe Apollo had been harassing her that day so she just needed alone time. Well, Thursday she was still under there and I pulled her out cause her behavior seemed a little strange and when she got out I realized that she could not really control her motor functions. Off to the vet we go. She has an inner ear infection and the vet surmised that this could be effecting her equilibrium, so gave her a steroid shot and an anti-biotoic injection as well as giving me ear drops for her. Fast forward to today and she is still not improved very much. It seems that she cannot control her back end for the most part. She is also not interested in food- I've been hand-feeding her and she takes a couple bites and then turns away.

I'm very afraid she has had a stroke The poor baby is so confused, I can see it on her face. All she wants me to do is hold her, which I have been doing most of the day, and if she is not on my lap she is under the couch. So, she needs vibes that if this is an ear infection it clears up soon, like now soon, and if it isn't an ear infection then I don't know what I am going to do
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Oh no! Sending lots of healthy healing vibes for Pandy and some calming ones for you.
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It sounds like what Stripe did hen she had a stroke.
Prayers for her to be ok.
How old is she?
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
Oh no! Sending lots of healthy healing vibes for Pandy and some calming ones for you.
Thank you, Karen
Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
It sounds like what Stripe did hen she had a stroke.
Prayers for her to be ok.
How old is she?
Thanks, Jacky- she is only 3.5 years old, but she is leukemia positive, not that that may have anything to do with this
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Oh, wow... lots of vibes for you!!
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Stripe was 11 so maybe its something else.
I hope she will be ok.
i am not sure if Leukemia would cause that to happen.
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Oh Katie ........... sending so many many vibes that way
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As I said on Facebook, many many vibes coming to you & Pandy
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Lots and lots of vibes being sent all surrounded by white healing light for sweet Pandy.

Lots and lots of for you as well.
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Katie, I hope it is just an ear infection and can be cured quickly. Lots of for Pandy.
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Many many many her way.
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Mega for Pandy! Hopefully it's just an ear infection (bad enough) that will clear up within a few days. Poor baby.
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lots of vibes hope Pandy gets better soon!
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loads of vibes coming from here for it to just be a bad ear infection and it clears up soon.
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I hope too that it is an ear infection.

Poor wee darling.

:vibe s:
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Thinking of you and Pandy and sending many vibes and prayers.
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Healing and quick recovery vibes and prayers coming your way
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Oh no!! Sending mega vibes to Pandy!!

Katie - I've seen strokes in both cats and dogs and it honestly doesn't sound like what Pandy had. An ear infection will throw off their entire equilibrium, which can completely scare them and cause difficulty moving. A stroke tends to weaken one side of their body more so than the other, and its usually left/right, not front/back. They do get very scared and clingy after a stroke, but that is where the similiarities end. Don't cross it off the list, but keep it very low.
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Tons of prayers and vibes for Pandy.
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Is Pandy any better this morning?
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Just reading this now- for Pandy!
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Poor baby, i hope it isn't a stroke

Lots of mega healthy coming for Pandy
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Let us know how things are going....
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Aw Hon, scary times. that this is "just" an ear infection and clears up soon. in the meantime, and many for your sweet girl.
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Katie - Shelly had a problem like this with no ear infection. I think it was called "August Disease." It is a self-limiting problem caused by some kind of parasite (???) (he's indoor only and we'd brought no new kitties or fosters in!). His back end didn't work, his eyes were huge. Now - August Disease (I can't remember it's actual name) was described as affecting equilibrium but in a way that would make the cat go around in circles. Shelly did not do this, but could not walk properly or jump. It was gone in 2-4 days - sorry, I don't remember.

But given that she did have an ear infection, I am really hoping that's all it is - or perhaps, a combination of that and this August Disease thing.

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Katie, just saw this...hoping Pandy is doing better!
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Also just saw this and am adding in many from me and my crew!

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Sending many vibes for Pandy!

for you!
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Thank you so much everyone I think all your vibes are helping I worked this morning, but when I got home she came out and was doing much better with walking, we sat on the couch and I hand fed her again, she didn't eat much, but it was more than yesterday and then this evening she was out and walking around a bit and didn't go right back under the couch, I got her up in the window behind the couch (so she couldn't fall) and she was so happy to just sit and look out the window

Thank you Amy for the info on strokes- you're right, I didn't think about the right and left versus front and back- that really makes me feel very hopeful that this is not a stroke and thank you Laurie for the info about August disease. If she isn't much better by tomorrow night I will take her back to the vet and see what she says about that
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I hope Pandy continues to improve
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