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Cat camping - good harness?

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I'm going camping in 2 weeks, and thinking about bringing my newest cat, Oscar. I love bringing my dogs camping, but there will be many family members there and not all like dogs. So last weekend, my aunt was over, camping nearby, and wanted a cat for the night. I offered up my totally mellow kitty. He did awesome!

So, I think I want to bring him. There will be a tent (where I'll be) and a camper (with cat-friendly people - including kids - who might steal him). And if we go anywhere he can stay in the camper w/AC.

Are the regular "H" type harnesses sufficient? I looked into the jackets, but it's going to get into the upper 80s, maybe 90s.

He won't resist, I'm sure. He's the so-mellow-kids-could-dress-him-up-all-day type.

Is there anything else I can look into? Hopefully something I can get at a local pet store or feed store.

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My cats all have Roman style dog harnesses.
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I believe the roman style and the H style are almost the same, except the Roman style has an extra strap that goes down the cat's chest.

I have used both types and both seem to work effectively, but I do prefer the Roman, just because it feels extra secure.
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Ok, I had seen a photo of a cat with an "H" type harness, and assumed it had the strap under. So when the roman was mentioned, I looked it up, and thought maybe they were the same thing, so I looked up the H again, and nope.

Thanks! I'll look for one tomorrow, so he can start getting used to it. If he even notices it .
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To me an H harness goes around the neck with a clip, and around the belly with a clip.

The Roman harness slides over the head, sits in a V down the chest and has a strap joining the head and belly together. The only clip is around belly.
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IMO I would not take a cat camping other then if the cat is staying inside a camper - NOT a tent. I would be afraid of the cat getting loose or escaping and not being able to catch him running thru the bushes if something scared him.

Camping at night is totally different for a domestic cat then having outside time at home!
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Uh, thanks, but I have already thought about everything. Oscar is not a typical cat. No WAY would I take Fin, or any other "normal" cat. Oscar is so mellow and easygoing. He is not the type to get spooked and run through the bushes. He's not particularly nocturnal, he sleeps on my feet. The tent is secure. And in the off-chance he gets out of the tent, (about as likely as getting out of the camper) he's not going to run off. He will just stand there or hang around real close.
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We used an H-harness. I like Lupine harnesses best.

I camped with my cats in 2000 and 2001 while moving to California from Wisconsin, then back again. My tip: at night keep the cat in a hard-sided carrier in the tent with you. Our cats were never loose, never unsupervised. It was just flat out too dangerous. We also used leashes and we had one of those dog tie out stakes that you put in the ground.

It can be done, but you need to be very careful. It was something we only did because we were moving and camping was less expensive. Our cats were also used to going out on harnesses and leashes well before we embarked on our move.
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Some cats, if spooked, have no problem getting out of a harness either. Just ask my cat Houdini, er, I mean Bijou. He got out of baby sleepers that were snapped into place with all four of his legs through the opening. Go figure!

I agree that it could be dangerous because regardless of how mellow your cat is, their sense of smell being so good, he will smell squirrels, chipmunks and other wildlife and it could be rather freaky for him. Even the most laid back cats, if frightened and running, will not even make a sound if you walk within 6 inches of them while looking for them.

There aren't many cats as laid back as Bijou but a couple summers ago he was in our yard, as usual, when a dog frightened him. He ran and although we walked the neighbourhood and posted flyers, we could not find him. After 4 days he was discovered hiding under a bush in a neighbours back yard almost directly across the street from us. He wouldn't even come out for us when we went to get him, John had to climb under the bush to pull him out.
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Yes I'll testify and say that my cat has gotten out of his harness as well. Make sure that you stay behind your cat while he is on the harness and leash. The easiest way for them to get out is by pulling backwards away from you and slipping the harness over their heads.

^^ Be sure the harness is snug. Not too tight, but it should be tight enough so that it is not loose against their bodies.
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