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Bill Clinton - Mayor of NYC

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Have you guys heard the newest rumor? It seems that there might be the possibility that Clinton would like to run for mayor of NYC.

What do you guys think...
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Even though I liked Clinton as a president (as we discussed in another thread), I think he is through politically. He made some horrific mistakes for which he will never be forgiven, so I don't think he could ever be elected to public office again.

Oh....for you folks who hate the Clintons...here is a little more fuel for your fire. When they left the White House they gave away Sox, their cat of many years, and kept Buddy the dog they adopted soon after moving to the White House. How wrong is that!?
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I heard a while back that Buddy got hit by a car and died.
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Socks found a better home1 If I remeber correctly one of the Cliton's ex staff adopted her.
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Yes, Bettie Currie, a Clinton staff member adopted him. Bill was actually very allergic to cats, but kept Socks because Chelsea loved the cat. When Chelsea went away to college, Bettie Currie offered to take Socks. I've read that several places.

BTW if I lived in NYC, I would vote for Bill in a heartbeat. Anything's better than Bloomberg!
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Nobody's replacing Rudy Giuliani....
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So it's Chelsea that didn't care about Socks?! I would never give away my beloved kitty. And, with her being on her own, she could have kept the cat herself and it would have never affected Bill's allergies.
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I like Rudy Giuliani....and I agree, nobody can replace him. Wish he could stay on...or even run as president.
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Buddy the dog was hit by a car and killed, because he wasn't being supervised and was allowed to run loose.
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Uhh..Sounds like they're great pet owners!
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Great examples they're setting. Absolutely wonderful. Now, does anyone know their number? I'd like them to pet-sit for me....>_<

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