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Vibes for Maria

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I've been "sitting" for Maria's two cats, Pancho and Cisco, for about 6 years now, and she just called and told me she had a minor stroke and just got out of the hospital. She's going to stay with her son next week and asked me to take care of her cats.

She's such a wonderful lady and would be so touched to know vibes and prayers for a full recovery are coming her way.

Thanks so much,
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Done! Lots of get well and prayers!
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Lots of vibes and prayers coming Maria way for a speedy recovery.

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....oh my...

Thinking right now for Maria....
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Many many vibes for her...

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Definitely sending many many healthy vibes that way for our sister cat lover
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for a full recovery!
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Sending many to Maria for a speedy and full recovery.
And for Cathy, a (((big hug))) for taking care of Maria's babies.
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