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kitten with issue

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we have a kitten who has a bottom probolem. we've had to wipe him off (as we've found him - he runs from us now) b/c when he poops its like it gums up the works. it was so bad just now (and we did this just yesterday) that i had to put him in some warm water (that went over REAL well) to loosen it so i could get it out of his fur. he also had a poop plug so i got that out and now his poor bottom is huge. i had on gloves, and tried to be as gentle as i could while holding him to get it out - and we're going to the vet on monday with this.. just curious what the problem could be? all the other babies are fine with pooping.. they are all fluffy so i don't think having a 'poop path' as our vet puts it is an issue (we have two grown boys who get shaved poop paths every few weeks or they get it gummed up in their fur - not their actual poop hole)... just worried about the baby.

we have another one who's eyes tear so badly that we have to wash his face twice a day just so he can see, he also tends to run from us now.. i had hoped to give them away but don't want to give someone a kitten who is sick.
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Can you trim back his fur? I'd think those baths might make him mean!
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What are you feeding him? Was the kitten impacted? Is that what you are talking about a poop plug? You should never dig out hard poop on a kitten as injury is so common when they are in such a vulnerable age. If anything, just dunking the bum in warm water and letting it sit until the poop softens then slowly wiping it away would have been better. If this kitten is a manx cross (tailess kitten) problems with the rectum are pretty common. You really should take this kitten and the other one to the vet as soon as possible.

Best of luck
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for your kitties. Hope everything gets straightened out soon.
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he has a tail and he's a regular tabby. i didn't pull out hard poo, as it softened i got it away, b/c it was getting matted in his fur and then plugging up his butt. after all that yesterday, he's all plugged up again today. we tried to soak his baby butt but he isn't having it today - both babies are going to the vet in the am, i hate that they are having issues so young, looks like we might be keeping more than two, b/c we both hate to give them away after this. they are so pitiful.
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