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Worried about my Litte Hobo....

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My kitten Hobo went to the vet a few days ago, because her eye poped. That's right... I said Poped. The doctor said it was because a peice of glass... just a small mineute granule, was worked into her eye when she was just a week old. It's been slowly working it's way until about 5 days ago it went "pop".

I was asleep when it happened, but when I got up in the morning, and rolled over to give my little hobo a hug (like I do every morning) she let out a painful scream/growl/chirp. Well I opened my eyes and what do I see, but her eye compleatly shut ((I had never seen it like that before)) and the milky white liquid coming out of one corner.

As I said before I took her to the vet, well more accuratly the Humane Society, and told them I didn't know what to do. They told me to sighn her over at they would do what they could to help her.

after almost a week of worrying, bugging the people at the shelter, and many many tears I finaly got her back.

But now I'm even more worried. I have to give her medication every day (Chloropalm for thoes who need to know), and I'm worried. She has stiches in her face from them removing her eye. On top of that, she also has the mark on her belly (well the almost slice mark from a knife), and the tattoo in her ear. She leaves her belly alone, almost ignoring it, but she keeps trying to rub her face up against things like she used to do before I brought her to the HS.

I need to know if my worries are unfounded, and if not, what should I do to help her speed to recover? On top of that what do I do about the stiches and wounds? Because I feel almost as if I have to be so careful with her. Almost like she's a delicate dried flower... that's 1000 years old.... with rain ouside.... and a doorbell.

Great now I'm rambling.... Sorry.

Anyways, if any of you can help me aleviate my fears... or some advice on what to do i would apreciate it...

*One worried Mommy*

~ Salem
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Wait she has a slash on her belly? An open cut? Or is it something that they closed for you?

She is probably rubbing her face not just out of habit, but because her face feels funny to her. Her face will feel all tight and she may be trying to alleviate that feeling by rubbing her head.

I am sorry she lost her eye, but she will be okay. Just be with her and comfort her, and try not to be stressed and worried about her, because she will pick those vibes up quickly and become more anxious than she already is.

If that is an opened wound- I would treat it with a betadine scrub and then put antibiotic ointment on it. I would then pick up the phone and ask the shelter what happened to her to cause that? Tell them to look in her chart notes to see if anyone documented it.
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Thanks Hissy.

The cut on her belly was from her getting fixed. I think they used eather invisable or *bidegratable* stiching for that one... but it looks a heck of a lot more diffrent that the one on her face.

I'm just worried that she'll rubb her face to hard and the stiching will come undone... or that she may do some damage...

~ Salem
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Salem, so sorry to hear about little Hobo, bless his heart, but seems like he was a special little angel to begin with and now he's just that extra bit special, I had a cat that lost it's leg to an evil motorcyclist (who didn't stop by the way) and she made up for her lost leg by being the most amazing, funny, loving cat ever...anyone who visited my house always said she was THE friendliest cat they's ever met!! But I'm sure you're worried and my heart goes out to both of you!
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*blinks* oh maybe I should have said... Hobo is a Her *giggles* sorry...

~ Salem
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Sorry about that - how embarrasing - please give my apologies for the rudeness (LOL) Bless her!
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No worries... I don't take offence. It's kind of like most people asume I'm male befcause I say my name is Salem... *chuckles*

She's quieted down now... But I'm still worried. Besides that what kind of stiching do they use when they spay a cat?

~ Salem
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