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New Simon's Cat video

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"Fly Guy"
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Hahahaha, love it. The end is great! I love these videos - he gets the cat exactly right!
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OMG that is way TOO FUNNY! And how accurate it is, even down to the weird clicking noise they make when they've found something/want something! Pirate got a little confused when he was listening to it- especially with the clicking noise. He wa looking all over for it!
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That was sooooo funny! The clicking at the fly had us cracking up too - just what Lily does!

And the pouncing and side jumping on the fly from 1:25 on had me almost wetting myself with laughter!

These videos really are too funny!
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I am in pain from laughing.

Simon always captures our Kittie's behavior perfectly.
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I love those Simon's Cat videos!The clicking and pouncing were perfect!
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Perfect ! I loved how the cat played with the dead fly. That is exactly what they do.
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Love this series! Thanks for posting the link.
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That is wonderful!!!
(though if it was my cat she would have stepped all over me, and has, launching towords a fly!)
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Tonks has been chasing little flys around my house all day, i totally relate to that one!
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That is so cool!! It is so accurate with the cat's personality showing up so nicely You can tell the cartoon artist is a cat lover
After seeing this I clicked on another one where the guy is sleeping and kitty is trying to get his attention and I was like NO WAY Jake did this when he was a little younger He used to do the grabbing onto the sheet and purring every single night. Now he sleeps downstairs since it's colder and he hates the heat in atlanta ..
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