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I need some fast advice...please

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This morning I found a kitten on the street. I could not leave it there, there was just no way. I brought it home and fixed it up with food and water in my spare room. I have two cats whose shots are up to date but I can't take chances so I shut my two kids out in the garden while I figured out what to do.

I made fliers and went out to canvas the neighborhood. If the kitten had a home I was going to find out, lol! After several hours I found where it came from. I found a man who said that his daughter was evicted from her home and he took all of her pets. There must be a bunch of pets. He said that there were other kittens too. He didn't want to take them all to the pound or the rescue. I asked if the kitten has all of it's shots. He said the adult animals do but he's not sure about the kittens. If she was evicted I'll bet money that this kitten does not have it's shots.

I would like to have this kitten. I think I'm going to take it back down the street and let them take care of it for the weekend. I'll pick it up and take it to my vets office for bloodwork and shots on Monday. My question is this, washing the linens, mopping the tile floor with bleach and spraying every surface with OUST sanitizing spray or Lysol spray make that room safe for my cats to go in?

I am so afraid of feline leukemia. yes, my cats have their shots but I'm still afraid.
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Can you not just keep your cats out of that room for hte weekend till the kitten is tested? THat is an instant procedure. Then even if it has some minor infection you are not putting your cats at serious risk. Otherwise, cleaning thoroughly with bleach and hot water is the best idea. Boil any bedding.
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I agree with the above post...
Also, your cat will not get Feline Leukemia like that - they would need more than casual contact for that to happen. Without contact they will not catch it.
Things they can catch are ringworm, URIs...
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