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"CAT"urday Meow triva....=)

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Good ....

Calico cats are almost always:

A. Blue Eyed
B. Nocturnal
C. Lazy and angry
D. Female

The answer is here dear member and NOTE that is valid only for today, tomorrow will be another question and another answer... and PLEASE Help us here with a simply CLICK!..
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Wow... That one was just too easy for me! Finally, a level of difficulty I can handle ! I have the feeling everyone will get this right
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Yay more kibble for hungry shelter cats!
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Binky sez,"DE do do do DE da da da is all I have to say to you". (Thats a Sting song reference for all you youngsters.) Well, some one had to answer it? I blame Binks.
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Calico cat tells me this one is easy! It involves all geneticatiacl stuff and such.
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This one was so easy!!! Yayy !!
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Nice and really cool participation my friends!.. and REMEMBER the Meow Trivia will be daily here on your favourite cat site!...TCS!
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