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taking sooty to the vet

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over the last hour hes started being sick and getting diaherroa (sp) in to much of a muddle to spell sorry and its like hes puffed up bloated almost and is feeling very sorry for himself hes watching intently when a fly goes past but isnt going for it i may be worrying a little to much but after flash eating metal the last time i cant be to careful id rather get him check

im taking him in 15 mins
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Its better to play it safe where our babies are concerned. Prayers and good luck for little Sooty.
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im past myself at the minute hes goign to be sick again he has been doing this strange lip smacking together sort of noise then a few minutes later hes been sick and hes started doing that again

right im going to go take him now just incase theres traffic

will let you know what vet says
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Mine does that lip smacking them. Good luck.
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hes got a gastro problem and is on antibiotics now for a week

he hates the car but luckily i live pretty much round the corner its literally 5 mins in the car the vet took him straight in and checked him over and he thinks hes eaten one to many flies bless him, i just remembered why i love my vet!

but its a relief
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I'm so happy everything is alright. I know the relief you are feeling. for Prayers and that his tummy feels better soon.
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thank you

its strange seeing him so quiet because hes such a playfull cat as well as been snuggly

i feel really bad now after saying he got really jealous yesterday, maybe he was telling me he was starting to feel poorly
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He was feeling out of sorts,poor baby. Since they can't talk its hard to know what they are feeling. You shouldn't feel too bad. Besides, you took care of him right away, you didn't let anytime go by before taking care of him. Your a good meowmy.
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hes fast asleep now bless him hope he feels better in the morning
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