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That's the link to an album with more pictures. Direct link to my myspace "Loudmouth's litter" album. You don't have to have a myspace or be logged in to view.
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cute little fluff balls.
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Aw thanks. They are rather cute and I'm having trouble deciding which one's cutest. Did you see the one with the smiley face pattern on it's back? How priceless is that? Loudmouth did a good job this time. Maybe I'll have more luck finding homes for these babies than her last litter of "Ugly" Torbies.
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Just so you know, in case you don't... Indoor cats have a MUCH longer lifespan- many years more. Even if she's an indoor/outdoor cat, her life is more threatened (no matter where you live really) than just living strictly inside. So it would definitely be in yours and hers best interest to just keep her inside. Since she likes to go outside, you will just have to get a lot of enriching toys and such for her, like perches to look out windows, prey toys, etc.

Those kittens are too cute for words! I especially love the calico- I'm partial to calico's! And the one with the smiley face on the back- make sure to point that out when you try to find a home for it, it's a good "selling point" . And I think that torbies are some of the most gorgeous cats in the whole world- one of my former cats was a torbie-type, and everyone thought she was just beautiful. Definitely not ugly, people just don't know pretty when they see it apparently!

I'm so happy to hear everything is going well, everything was in panic-mode for awhile there! Sending hoping that things keep going well.
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Thanx Mismarris. I know that they're safer inside, but then again, how much life would we humans be able to actually live if we lived in fear of ever venturing outside because it was dangerous? Right now she is certainly going to be strictly indoor. Even after she is spayed, she'll still have at least a week before she gets to go out. But eventually she will be allowed her short, supervised outside forrays. I respect the opinions of everyone on TCS, and I also respect people's opinions and practices on their own pets. I just don't have the heart to deny my vaccinated, spayed kitties from getting some fresh air and chewing on some grass, pouncing on a few leaves, and feeling the wind ruffle their fur. Thank you for the vibes, and as an update, everyone is getting fat! All babies have big round nom-nom bellies. And oddly enough, Loudmouth seems to be happy with them under the guitars. she hasn't moved them lately!
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I'm so glad you and your friend were able to help with the success. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Y'know this is the first time I've ever heard the word "torbie" - I had to Google it
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Honestly, in my 23 years of life I'd never even seen a Toribie kitty. Then I end up with a pregnant Loudmouth and she has a whole litter of them (5 out of 6 kitties were torbie!), and I needed a word to describe them. Of course, TCS had a great name for it. You learn something new everyday.
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here's some pics of my kitty I had to rehome, Sidney. She was a medium-haired torbie, for those of you who don't know what one looks like. (she really was a mix of everything ) and sorry about the eyes in the pics, just figured out how to work my mom's camera

Sorry, bad picture:

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Originally Posted by mismaris777 View Post
here's some pics of my kitty I had to rehome, Sidney. She was a medium-haired torbie, for those of you who don't know what one looks like.

Sidney looks great. thanks
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