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What would you miss most?

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I was just thinking, while on the couch doing my daily cuddle with my Pirate baby, about what I would miss if for some reason I had to leave my cats, they had to leave me, they passed away, I went on vacation, stuff like that. Any situation where you have to be away from your cats for an extended period of time. I thought it may be a good idea to start a thread about what things you would miss MOST about your cat(s) if something like this happened. Perhaps it has happened to you, it's happened to me. I'd say maybe give 3-5 things that you'd miss most, have missed most, or do miss most.

1. My cuddle-time with Pirate on the couch during the day/night (not mornings, he doesn't do mornings ). It's a very special, "spiritual" time for both of us, extremely bonding and relaxing (you'd have to see it, it's kinda creepy how cuddly he gets)

2. Taylor's annoying meow. She will meow for anything, and it's the most annoying meow you could ever hear from a cat.

3. Waking up to Pirate sleeping right next to me, making sure he's touching me somehow.

4. Mia's uncanny ability to sense when I'm feeling blue, sick, upset, etc. It's like she was put on this planet to love, and sense when there's a "disturbance in the force" and try to make me happy and comfort me. She's not normally the most social, but when something's wrong, she becomes Little Miss Social Butterfly to me.

And finally...
5. When Pirate greets me at the door, without fail. I can always count on him to be right there, blocking the door to my flat (he's tripped me countless times). And he waits there until I put down whatever's in my arms so that I can pick him up and carry him around like a sack of potatoes over my shoulder.

There's still soooo many things that I would miss, do miss, about cats that no longer live with me. But I try not to think of them, as they tend to just upset me.

What things would you miss?
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I went and stayed with a friend for a week and I discovered what I missed.

Carly's snuggle time in the morning when I'm checking the email. She leans her head into my cheek and purrs.

Much taking over my lap when I sit on the couch.

Lucy wanting to be held while I read the newspaper.
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I have been away from my babies a few times. The most I miss are the feel and smell of their fur, their eyes looking at me and the sound of their daily kitty stampedes around the house.
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From someone who has lost several in the past couple of years, and just lost my 15 yr old last week.....EVERYTHING!
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about all my cats and what I miss. I miss the way Farley would come in the kitchen, jump on the table and wait for his insulin shot, then go back to what he was doing.

My Odamae who knew when I was upset and would lick the tears off my face. She would follow me like a dog through the woods on our daily walk.

Baby K who had Hyperthyroidism. He was so skinny, but sooooo loving. A typical orange tabby.

Sweet Spot who was a ferral I tamed. She lived under the machines that were out front fixing our road last summer. Tragically, she had to be put down at age 2 from Chylousperitonium. I will always love that little girl.

Her son Beeba shares the very early am with me in the dark on the couch. Our ritual: wake me at 3 am, sit on my lap in the dark while I have my coffee. Just have a quiet time together. I could go on and on. I
ve probably had 30 cats down through the years. Each one was my special buddy. Good thread. Nice to know I am in good company in the love of our little friends.
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Just having her here..walking around. Chirping at the birds, laying on our laps, jumping up on our bed in the morning...
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy View Post
Me too!

I haven't been away from my kitties very much. I went away for 6 days in 2003, in 2004 I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, last year Chynna was at the vets for 3 or 4 days, and then again over night earlier this year.

I missed them so much during those times. The cuddles, the kisses, their closeness (they like to paste themselves up against me when they sleep), and just knowing that they are here.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I missed them so much during those times. The cuddles, the kisses, their closeness (they like to paste themselves up against me when they sleep), and just knowing that they are here.
I was away for about a week, and missed Zane terribly. I think he missed me, too, from his reaction when I got home.
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When Zippers died a while back, taking a shower by myself was really hard. I kept expecting his little orange head to pop around the curtain.

When Prissy's time for the rainbow bridge comes, I'm going to be a wreck. It seems like I've never known a day without her. She's another cat that always seems to know when I need comfort. And she's so very quiet and proper. She reminds me of a little old English lady. And she almost always wakes me up with soft pats on my face.

And Cuddles. He's the one from Loudmouth's first litter that I've decided to keep. the little rascal cuddled his way right into my heart. He has to sleep right under my chin, and he purrs so loudly and so easily. When he wants to be picked up (which is ALL the time) he stands up and puts his front paws as high up as they will go. Whether I'm standing or sitting or eating, he has me trained so that when he does that, I automatically pick him up and cuddle him. Oh how spoiled the little guy is. And if i ever had to find a new home for him it would seem so empty without all those head butts and kisses and purrs.
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Levi: I would miss how he meows for me when I come home. The way he wiggles around on his back when I scratch his chest (he kind of acts like a dog that way). How he always responds to being called "Big Boy". I would miss holding him on his back while he purrs.

Jordan: I would miss him cuddling next to my face at night. I would miss his smell. I would miss the goofy way he rolls around on top of things until he falls off. I would miss how he loves my hair when it's wet. I would miss that little white paw reaching up onto my plate trying to steal my food.

Isaac: I would miss him drooling on my arm when he fake suckles (I know it is kinda gross, but I know I would miss it if it were gone). I would miss the scrunched up face he makes when he smells something he doesn't like. I would miss feeling him laying against me at night.

Maggie: I would miss her drama queen antics, how she starts fights with the boys than cries like they are killing her. I would miss her flopping down on her side, like she's had the hardest day ever, when I come home. I would miss how she plays with her tail, and how she plays with any beam of light that moves.
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