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Pic heavy update on the life of Jake

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Hi everyone I am going to update on him since I haven't posted about him in so long! He is almost 9 months! I am shocked at how much his attitude has changed and how much more perceptive and smarter he has gotten. I know it is something that happens to all cats at that age but he's the first cat I've owned in my adult life so I am surprised!! He now communicates with me effectively looks me in the eye when he wants to meow at me, doesn't go after my hands and feet thinking they are prey but jumps up at my butt or side if he wants to attack Lol he must have finally realized my hands and feet make up an entire human and are not separate entities His gaze is so profound now as if he is thinking about important things rather than just looking for something moving. He is just not a baby anymore!!

OKay here are the pics!

so tired

These few pics deserve an explanation. So Jake loves to play with toilet paper and we all do everything possible to make sure the doors are closed to all of the bathrooms. But that doesn't always happen...So as soon as someone leaves the door open Jake makes sure to go get some toilet paper to play with!
Here he took the whole roll and moved it 2 rooms away from the bathroom to the front door and was enjoying the new toy that he worked hard to get .. I came downstairs and saw this and cracked up so I went for the camera..

He really likes to drink water from a glass:

There pics are from today. I opened the door for him to look outside..

After these few pics he decided that he is having a bad furday so he would rather hide under the coffee table to make sure I don't get any more pics of him Just kidding...

I hope you enjoyed!
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What a character! I love how his little whisker pads look like lightly charred marshmallows.
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Cute photos. How does he get that big roll of TP out of the bathroom?
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I love the pictures with the toilet paper. BTW where did you get your rug??
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
so tired
Jake is too cute, but I love this picture best of all! It makes me want to rub and tickle his belly.
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Jake is growing up sooooo fast.

He is stunning..... love the TP antics
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Aw, there's my handsome little man, Jake. My, how he's grown up to be a stunner. As always, excellent pictures of a beautiful boy. And, yes, I still love his tail!
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Thanks so much for the comments!!
Lynsey- he was able to get the roll of toilet paper because it was just standing on the counter and wasn't on one of these rolling things lol idk what they're called!! I assume he just kicked it and chased after it until he got to where I found him
psjauntie- I think that rug was from Lowe's
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Jake is certainly a beautiful boy and he seems so playful, too.
How much does he weigh? He looks like hes going to be a huge boy.
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Thanks Pami He was 15 pounds last time I checked, that was a few weeks ago before I put him on a diet Not really- I just started to measure how much food he's getting and make sure he's not getting more because I was just free feeding the kibble before then and he was getting really thick in the middle. I dunno if he lost any weight since then I will have to check probably not though..
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Hes going to be a big boy then @ 15lbs @ 9 months. He doesnt look fat at all, just a big boy. Is he a maine coon? Hes got those long thinish maine coonie ears
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As far as I know he's just domestic..i don't know anything about parents.
It's funny when we carry him.. He looks so big in people's arms!!
I am not a cat expert since I never owned cats before but does his face look like that of an adult cat? To me he does but then again to me he looked like an adult cat at 6 months when everyone said he still had a baby But lately I notice his nose is getting bigger. And strangely his nose reminds me of that of a maine coon because they have longer noses from pics I've seen..he may be a mix- i'd never know tho.
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Jake is just beautiful! Love the TP game. Ours will do that too, so the bathrooms stay closed here too. It's pretty funny if we let them get away with it once in a while.
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